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Moon and its importance in our dreams

Full Moon

We all dream and more often too. Everyone wakes up trembling sometimes from their dreams and ask themselves: 'what was that? ' However most of us think and wonder what is the dream trying to tell us? And will it come true?

The moon is responsible for our dreams. It keeps a key to our dreams, and is responsible for the length, color and most importantly the authenticity.

As is known, there are four phases of the moon, New Moon, Moon rising, Full Moon and decreasing Moon. So when you wake up watch the lunar calendar to determine at what phase is the Moon. And the very sky will tell you everything:

- If the horns of the lunar crescent indicate to the left - then the moon is rising.

- If the Horns show right - the moon is decreasing.

- The moon is not visible throughout the night New Moon.

- The moon is completely round then the phase is Moon.

If you have dreamed for

Moon rising

Dreams are inspiring and performed. When the moon grows, then grows our intuition. Therefore ask yourself: what you expect love, meeting or an event? . If in your dream these elements are present, you should know that the event is already on the threshold and will soon happen. In the growing Moon it is customary to begin any new ventures, to bring change so that dreams during this period can now tell you exactly how you should act in the direction of your choice.

Decreasing Moon

Dreams show past events, like review of the problems that you engaged for quite some time. For example, if the time has come to end the relationship with a man, the dream will show you precisely this man. If the dream shows you problems at work, then something in this area will change - or will appear a new job or situation in any way will be allowed in your favor. Pleasant dreams in reducing Moon as a rule are true. Disturbing and frightening - on the contrary show that the troubles will go away from your life in the near future.

Moon and its importance in our dreams

New Moon

Dreaming when the moon is not visible, are the so-called dreams of the mind. We see too much and are thinking intently, taking mutually exclusive solutions. So to say we do not need to ponder so much on and need to give our brain a rest, forget compulsive thoughts and everything will be arranged in the best manner.

Full Moon

Now hey say these are the strangest dreams related to ones emotional life. These dreams show the situations and people that we spend too much emotion on. As a rule, we eagerly wait for what this dream will bring to light, however this is nothing more interesting than "film" and the revelations are unlikely to be fulfilled.