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Understanding the Meaning of our Dreams

Understanding the Meaning of our Dreams

Possible interpretations for the common dreams are as follows:

Falling Dreams: a sense of inferiority, failure, instability, insecurity or bowing to a sexual urge.

Naked Dreams: a overwhelming desire to be noticed, getting caught unaware, inability to conceal something and the fear of being disgraced.

Teeth Dreams: axious of ones appearence, loss of control, lack of self confidence and fear of being abashed.

Flyig Dreams: stong minded, strong willed, shy of challenges and success, being on top of a situation.

Chase Dreams: how to appraoch stresses and fears, sense of self destruction and fear of being attacked.

Test Dreams: Others are judging, lack of confidence and feelings of anxiousness and paranoyer.

Understanding the Meaning of our Dreams

The Meanings of Dreams

Animals are seen in dreams, however this just depend on physical characteristics such as, desires and sexual outlook. Taking into large considering the wild and not so civilized side of the individual personality the meaning of dreams can be broken down. For suggestion, the symbolization of love, balance and a cheerful perspective on life is the singing of birds or birds gracefully flying.

Going back to the identity of the individual the ego and conscious side of an individual can aid the presence of body parts in dreams. The pricise body parts seen in a dream could possibly hold a sign of a health issue. Insects like ants present a feeling of neglet and an upset in routine, although it is of unimportance as the dreams is not so much of a riddle as those can be, so the upset in routine may be the neglection or communication with somebody. The characters the dream is teaching you concern with will reappear till the issue is finalised. Food present in a dream symbolizes new beliefs. The ideas that the invidual indulges and what the brain digests.

The interpretation of a dream was described as the beginning of fullfilling ones individual desires. (Sigmund Freud).

Back in 1954 a man known as Calvin S. Hall presented us with a theory that dreaming is simply that of the cognitive process. Calvin went on to discuss the idea of images in dreams were simply symbols or invidual views of life occurances. From this two other men gave their opinion that dreams were a type of psychosis, meaning they were a type of schizophrenia, (Hobson and Solm). For those who wish to indulge on interest of the meaning of thiers dreams it is recommened that dream dictionaries should be avoided as it is suggested that it never reveals the most indepth importance. The recomendation is to get to the full depth of the meaning the dreamer should sonsider studyin the following topics; Actions of the dreams, symbols and relations between the actions, situations, and the connection with present and past dreams.

Other factors hat are advised to be considered; how the dreamer acts in a dream, the opponents and supporters in the dream, any part of the dream that the dreamer would like to avoid, does the dream demand anything specific from the dreamer, and last why did the dreamer dream that particular dream. Iterpretation is more possibly followed correctly once all information is collected and co-ordinated where necessary.

Understanding the Meaning of our Dreams

Analysing the Dream

Analysing the dream simply starts with writing the dream down. From here it is more likely to reconise the main point to the dream. The emphasis shluld be that of the action of the dream, and therefore little details such as names and places can in first instance be neglected.Once this has come to light then part of life to which it applies can be debated.Siding with the emotions of your dream will help you to find of which part of your life the particular dream applies to. To finsih analysing, the dreamer must take upon a personal view and select the perosnal symbols of the dream, find the associations and decide if it is common or personal to you. Generalising would not be the correct way to analyse, as they aid the common and not personal meaning of the dream.



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Ashley Simen
Ashley Simen
18.03.2013 08:36
I dreamt of my boyfriend indulging in someone's else fight to stop it at school... Thou, me & boyfriend just have pass out from our school, its was out last year. As the fight turned out to be more violent..he fell from height (school building-floor) n i ran to the ground to see him.. he was badly injured... what does this dream indicate.. m really worried about him now..:(