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How to Interpret Flying, Falling and Swimming in a Dream

Antonia R.Antonia R.

"Dreams of flying are among the most common ones that people have, " says American psychologist Ian Wallace. By studying them he's come to a specific conclusion about their interpretation.

Flying is linked to the feeling of freedom and when you obtain this amazing ability in your dream, you've likely freed yourself of the obstacles that have kept you stuck in one place for a long time.

In the waking world you've overcome serious limitations, and not because of unheard-of luck but because of your hard work and personal talent.

When you learn something new, something which you were unable to do before, your subconsciousness is showing you that you have to believe in yourself more and rely on your talents.

If you dream that you're swimming, it's likely you're learning more about your emotional world in real life. Individuals who go to a psychotherapist often have dreams of swimming.

If you dream that you're swimming away from someone or something, it means you're going to overcome a deep emotional problem from the past that has prevented you from revealing your full potential.

It's likely that you're afraid of the water in your dream, even if you're an excellent swimmer in real life. This is a sign that the change you're going through won't be easy and will most likely hurt but will ultimately help you move forward.


If you're afraid of entering a water body it means you're afraid of changes as well.

Dreams in which you're falling indicate that you've lost control over your destiny and have let circumstances carry you away. You've likely encountered an enormous problem or you've failed to achieve one of your goals and this has seriously affected your confidence.

If you dream that you're falling on your back, it means you have to watch out for serious mistakes in reality.