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How to Interpret Dreams about Crimes


Dreams where we commit crimes or witness such naturally aren't the most pleasant. These nightmares usually instill us with emotions of guilt, fear, anger, remorse. We wake up from them suddenly, drenched in sweat and can't fall asleep again for a long time because we feel confused and upset.

Dreams with violence of any kind are so distressing and horrific that they manage to embitter our mood not only during the dream itself but for waking hours after the experience.

Oftentimes, the emotions we experience are so strong that we continue thinking about the dream for days afterward and keep asking ourselves what could have caused such visions to appear in our subconscious.

Some may even wonder whether the dream isn't trying to warn them of some danger and they begin keeping an eye out for risky situations, even growing into paranoia.

But the fact of the matter is that a dream where you witness a crime doesn't necessarily portend ill fortune. Find out below what the most common dreams of this kind actually mean.

1. Murder

- if you dream that you're taking someone's life, expect happy moments to come. You're likely to take advantage of a good opportunity and receive new acquisitions.

- if you witness the murder of someone, expect a serious turnabout in your life that you're not going to get used to easily.

- if you accidentally kill someone in your dream, it means you're under extreme pressure in real life and need to deliver yourself from these emotions as soon as you can.


2. Theft

- if you're stealing someone else's property in your dream, it shows that in real life you're suffering from emotional or financial destitution.

- if you become the victim of theft, someone in real life is going to lie to you or leave you disappointed by their actions.

3. Violence

- if in your dream you're physically attacking someone, this indicates that you're going through a conflict deep inside but for some reason do not wish to talk about it. Your emotions may not even have anything to do with the person you're dreaming of.


- if you attack a family member, expect to work together with that person. This same kind of dream may also indicate that you're harboring malevolence toward the person in question or don't approve of their behavior.

- if you dream of someone else attacking a loved one, it's a sign that they'll have need of your support soon.

4. Sexual abuse

- if you're sexually abusing someone in a dream, it means you're not satisfied in your intimate life.

- this same dream could also be a sign that someone is soon going to slander your name.

- if you're the witness of sexual abuse in your dream, this signifies that it's high time you became more decisive in real life and openly presented your position.