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How to Make Our Brain Function Better

Jana G.Jana G.

The brain is a real supercomputer whose capabilities have not yet been fully explored and studied. Despite the phenomenon of genetic causation, due to which the brain is filled with information even in early childhood, this is an organ that is constantly evolving.

Everything depends on exactly how we use it. Each one of us can increase our level of intelligence, as long as we are willing to sacrifice hours of our free time for training, meditation and brain exercises.

There are several tricks for making our brain function better. The first, and probably the most important is to constantly strain your body with exercises. With age, the brain tissue gradually shrinks and brain cells can diminish their functions. Cardio workouts supply the brain with more blood and oxygen. This helps to improve brain function.


Meditate - this will better brain activity. Our modern way of life is frantically distributed between work, kids, chores and there is almost no time left for relaxation. Your brain is overloaded with countless tasks which it must complete and meditation is one of the oldest methods for refreshing your mind.

Meditative practices include slow exercises which focus on breathing. During these exercises, your brain must be free of thoughts and worries. With regular meditation, your brain improves many of its functions.

The consumption of fish has a remarkably beneficial effect on brain activity. If you regularly eat fish, this enhances your brain capabilities by over 10%.


To boost brain function, avoid inflammations. They can be brought about by a wide variety of reasons but have an effect on the entire body and therefore - on brain activity.

Train your brain constantly, since it too, like our bodies, has need of exercise in order to stay in shape at all times. Crossword puzzles, logic games and math problems will keep your brain in good shape.

Find a new hobby or develop a new skill - this will reflect perfectly on your brain's function. This way, your brain activity will step out of its so-called comfort zone - doing things which are easy for you and have become routine. When your brain attempts new things it creates new neurons.

The most important condition for augmenting your brain function is to avoid stress. This is quite difficult to do but whenever possible, avoid conflict situations.