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What Do Deceased People in Our Dreams Symbolize?

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Nearly everyone has dreamed of a deceased loved one but recurring dreams containing this image beckon of built-up guilt or pain that your subconscious has not overcome.

Recurring dreams of a deceased loved one might also be a sign that it has been awhile since you last visited their grave and you feel subconscious guilt because of this. Often, the feeling of guilt accompanies this type of dream.

Such dreams may also signify that you feel in some way responsible for the death of the person or that you can't forgive something that you've said or done to them in the past.

The inability to say that you are sorry probably weighs heavily on you and you should seek an expert to help you rid yourself of the pain if that is the case.

Lucid dreams, where you can control yourself and tell the deceased what you were once unable to, may free you of the negative emotions.

People also dream of a loved one who has passed away when they have need of advice relating to a life dilemma they are facing. The person you are dreaming of was exceptionally close to you and you once again have the need to discuss important issues with them.


The dreamed of dead person can be an omen of problems and chaos to come. In family life, this may also mean unfaithfulness.

If you witness a deceased person who does not move or speak, it means that you've forgiven other people's transgressions toward you and are now living in complete harmony and understanding with them.

If the dead person is happy and smiling, it shows that you are defending an incorrect position in your life, for which you will soon have to pay.

If the departed is speaking to you, without you answering them, it signifies that you will hear news very soon. If you are conversing with them, it means someone will ask for your help.

If you begin dreaming of the deceased shortly after their death, it means that you have still not accepted their death. Some believe dreams of this sort to be prophetic but often they are a sign of emotions we have not yet come to terms with.

That is why it is recommended to consult with a psychologist if the dreams of departed people continue.



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