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Jewelry and Stones

Jewelry and Stones

Precious and semi-precious stones have their unique symbolism and bring positive energy to their owners. Description, meaning, symbolism of natural stones. Mystical and healing properties of various stones.
Dioptase - Meaning and PropertiesDioptase - Meaning and Properties
03 Feb.
Dioptase is a talisman of pupils, students, professors, economists, businessmen and all people who are focused on material things. Dioptase - meaning and properties. Who is Dioptase suitable for?
Healing CrystalsHealing Crystals
30 Jan.
The crystal treatment method is called lithotherapy and has existed for a long time in alternative medicine. The best healing crystals.
Pyrite - Properties and Magical PowersPyrite - Properties and Magical Powers
27 Jan.
Pyrite - this simple stone, has not accidentally dominated the consciousness of people since ancient times. Without rivaling gold in value, pyrite is like its younger brother, which is also a reliable patron for some groups of people.
Apatite - Influcence and Properties of the StoneApatite - Influcence and Properties of the Stone
18 Jan.
The influence of Apatite is immense on anyone who possesses it. In the next article, see more about the influence and properties of the Apatite stone.
The Best Crystals for Anxiety and StressThe Best Crystals for Anxiety and Stress
17 Jan.
If you suffer from anxiety, healing crystals - such as rose quartz and blue lace agate - can help. Find stress relief with one of these healing crystals.
The Stone of Love: Rose QuartzThe Stone of Love: Rose Quartz
30 Nov.
Even in antiquity, rose quartz was believed to be a stone of love. It is spoken about in ancient Greek mythology.
Emerald - Properties and MeaningEmerald - Properties and Meaning
23 Nov.
The oldest emeralds on Earth are 2. 97 billion years old. Description of the emerald - main characteristics. Healing properties of emerald. Magical properties of emerald. Artificial emeralds.
Blue Quartz - Properties and MeaningBlue Quartz - Properties and Meaning
22 Nov.
Blue quartz, also called Sapphire quartz, gives us a number of prerequisites to use it. It is believed that the color blue has a strong energy effect.
Labradorite - Meaning and PropertiesLabradorite - Meaning and Properties
20 Nov.
Labradorite stone is found in meteorites and is therefore considered an extraterrestrial wonder. Labradorite - meaning and properties:
Amber - Meaning, Powers and PropertiesAmber - Meaning, Powers and Properties
26 Oct.
Amber is a semi-precious stone, which is admired not only for its amazing appearance and qualities. Beautiful amber has many beneficial properties if worn as jewelry.
Crystals, Which You Can Put In Your Water BottleCrystals, Which You Can Put In Your Water Bottle
22 Oct.
Because of their mysterious beauty, crystals have been used for thousands of years in rituals and ceremonies, people have believed in their magical properties. Crystals you can put in your water bottle:
Never Wear Gold and Silver Together! Find out WhyNever Wear Gold and Silver Together! Find out Why
24 July
A lot of people like to wear gold and silver jewelry at the same time, thinking there's nothing wrong with this. But psychic mediums and mystics say that this type of decision could cost you dearly.
Crystals with Which to Attract LoveCrystals with Which to Attract Love
10 July
In esoteric circles, crystals are seen as a sort of pure energy from nature that can balance the aspects of our lives that are lacking harmony. Below you can find out which crystals can help you attract love.