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Jewelry and Stones

Jewelry and Stones

Precious and semi-precious stones have their unique symbolism and bring positive energy to their owners. Description, meaning, symbolism of natural stones. Mystical and healing properties of various stones.
Make your Wishes Come True Using Nothing More than a Ring! Here`s HowMake your Wishes Come True Using Nothing More than a Ring! Here`s How
06 Mar.
In the past rings were believed to possess magical properties and capable of fulfilling wishes. It's no wonder then that the ring was used for various spells and rituals.
The Unexpected Magical Properties of PearlsThe Unexpected Magical Properties of Pearls
23 Jan.
Since ancient times it was believed that pearls possessed exceptional properties, which was why they were used in various cultures for rituals of love, well-being, health and luck.
Pick a Gemstone and See What it RevealsPick a Gemstone and See What it Reveals
26 Sept.
Opal - It's as if you're on autopilot. You need more time for yourself, for a break and solitude. This doesn't necessarily mean that you're being weighed down by problems that are worrying and exhausting you.
What the Gemstones Corresponding to our Month of Birth RevealWhat the Gemstones Corresponding to our Month of Birth Reveal
06 June
Individuals whose stone is garnet are usually considered to be exceptionally outgoing. You can count on them and they tend to be very caring. This is because they are logical and analytical, sympathetic and with a pronounced motherly instinct.
Properties of the Bloodstone HeliotropeProperties of the Bloodstone Heliotrope
07 Nov.
In the ancient world, heliotrope was considered among the most beautiful stones of jasper, with its lively, deep, striking and earthly green color, decorated with bright red inclusions.
Citrine: the Gemstone of LuckCitrine: the Gemstone of Luck
07 May
Gemstones conceal power. One of the most remarkable stones is citrine. Its name comes from the French citron which means lemon. Citrine has earned this name due to its characteristic yellow color.
Meaning and Properties of ZirconiumMeaning and Properties of Zirconium
19 Feb.
Natural zirconium is not properly appreciated primarily due to its diamond-imitating twin that's made under artificial conditions.
Meaning and Properties of ZirconMeaning and Properties of Zircon
17 Apr.
Zircon is known as the stone of quiet vibrations. Zircon is thought to be capable of establishing a clearer connection between your inner self and the spiritual teachers.
Meaning and Properties of AlexandriteMeaning and Properties of Alexandrite
26 Mar.
Alexandrite is among the rarest gemstones in the world. Alexandrite possesses the unique ability to turn green under direct sunlight and red under artificial lighting.
Meaning and Properties of Green AgateMeaning and Properties of Green Agate
16 Mar.
The power of agate lies in protection, bravery, long life, love and various healing properties. Green agate brings it wearer prosperity, long life, luck and affluence.