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A Love Spell Spoken from the Heart is the Strongest

A Love Spell Spoken from the Heart is the Strongest

Anyone can make their own love spell as long as the desire and feelings come from their heart. There are a few guiding steps along the way to casting a love spell, but the truth is that you can cast it as it comes from the depths of your soul and heart. Only then can it gain full power and fulfill the purpose of your love spells.

Follow the love spell guide below strictly, but remember - sentences and words may not be the same, it is important for the main meaning to be maintained. Cast the spells as you see fit and trust that the object of your desires will soon be yours.

First, take a clean white sheet of paper. Write your wish on it - which is, whose heart you wish to become yours. Then justify your request to the saints. You have to prove that you really need this person's love.

Love Spell

The next step is to draw consecutively an inverted pentagram, an unbroken cross, and a symbol that symbolizes good for you (a heart, angel wings, or something else).

It is important to use red color when writing on the paper. After the scriptures and the drawings, you have to choose exactly what way to make the love spell.

One way is to burn the paper and while it burns say something like: "Fire element, make.......(person's name) love me like I love him/her. As this paper burns, our love will be kindled.

As a gift, I allow you to swallow the paper in your domain." Then collect the ashes from the paper and scatter them over a river or stream. At the same time, say words to the effect of: "As the water will receive these ashes, so will...... (person's name) to accept me into their heart".

The second way to do a love spell is instead of burning and scattering the ashes, bury the paper near the roots of a tree. As you bury it, say something like this: "Mighty tree, please grant my wish. In return, I will take care of you."

That's how it should be. After the spell, you must regularly take care of the tree if you want it to fulfill your wish.

The truth is that anyone can come up with a love spell as long as it truly comes from their heart. You have complete freedom of action. For example, you might pick up an apple, say your spell three times in a row, then give the apple to the specific person and wait for the effect.