Healing Crystals

Healing crystals

When choosing a gift with natural crystals for yourself or a loved one, remember that it is not just a piece of jewelry: a properly selected crystal can become a talisman and a healer for a person.

The crystal's astral qualities (its power) are determined by its transparency and purity of color. Therefore, when choosing a crystal, look at it in the light: defects, bubbles and darkening enhance the negative properties of the crystal.

In addition, crystals are divided into male and female. Transparent and translucent crystals with warm tones and shades are masculine and opaque crystals with cold tones and shades, as well as those that can change color, are feminine. If you buy a crystal for yourself - trust your intuition: your crystal will attract the eye, you will want to touch it.

After you have bought a piece of jewelry, do not immediately put it on your body (let it sit in a box for a week): wait for the negative information to disappear. Do not wear the crystal all the time, otherwise it will turn from medicine to poison.

The most powerful crystals are donated from a pure heart or inherited: they carry a powerful positive charge. However, purchased jewelry does not take effect immediately: for example, diamonds will take 7 years to acquire healing properties.

And the most dangerous jewels are stolen ones. It is also not recommended to borrow jewelry - that way you risk the crystal causing other people's diseases.

And if someone did wear them, before putting them on, put the jewelry in sea salt water for 3 hours to cleanse the crystals.

What are the strongest healing crystals?


Agate is a healing crystal

Suitable for all time-sensitive people: smooths out all the negative effects of the magnetic storm on the body. Amber jewelry has an anti-inflammatory effect, has a positive effect on the thyroid gland, spleen and heart. In addition, amber has anti-cancer properties and effectively inhibits the growth of tumors. If your husband smokes, give him an amber mouthpiece: it reduces the chance of cancer in smokers.


One of the strongest natural crystals. It feels its owner like no other: if the turquoise ornament has faded, this may be a warning of an incipient illness. A small turquoise crystals restores vision, relieves insomnia, relieves headaches. In order for turquoise to regain its color and healing properties, it is enough for every healthy member of your family to tolerate it.


These crystals have different properties depending on the color. Blue agate normalizes the activity of the thyroid gland, yellow - heals the respiratory and digestive organs (especially the liver and bile ducts), red - kills viruses and supports the cardiovascular system. Mossy agates (crystals with a moss-like pattern) have a healing effect on the skin and respiratory organs, help with persistent coughs, sore throats and play the role of Viagra. In addition, if your family lives in an area with a high radiation background, it is useful for you not only to wear this crystal, but also to store agate products at home, which effectively protects the body from exposure to radiation.


Protects against the most serious diseases. It promotes the treatment of blood diseases, chronic tonsillitis, diseases of the spine and joints, prevents epileptic seizures and helps fight depression.


Hematite has healing properties

Keeper of peace and balance. This crystal strengthens the body's defenses, deals with skin and lung diseases. If you can't stand a long trip, take aquamarine with you and you won't be afraid of seasickness.


A kind of stimulant: activates metabolism, cerebral blood circulation, reduces high fever, relieves fatigue. Therefore, if you are impulsive or suffer from hypertension, you are not recommended to wear jewelry with such a crystal.


It has long been considered the crystal of blood. Quickly stops bleeding, heals wounds. This crystal restores all the organs in which the formation and preservation of blood cells occurs: liver, spleen, spinal cord. However, before placing hematite, you should remember that it increases blood pressure, so people with hypertension should not wear it.


The crystal of motherhood. They provide women with easy pregnancy and safe delivery. And crystals with a yellow or brown color are beneficial for skin diseases (allergies).


People with a weak bone system, osteoporosis, injuries, bone fractures should wear jewelry with dolomite. This crystal is a source of ionized calcium that is completely absorbed by the human body. It is the ionic form of calcium that optimizes the acid-alkaline balance, prevents diseases of the cardiovascular system and reduces the formation of kidney stones.


Pearl necklaces are excellent for lowering blood pressure, so they are suitable for all who suffer from hypertension. For this purpose, you can not only wear pearl jewelry, but also use pearl water for medicinal purposes. To do this, simply place the crystals in clean water overnight and drink throughout the day. This water has an anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial effect: it helps with bleeding gums, conjunctivitis, acne.


Камък котешко око

Considered eye healers. Their green color calms the nervous system and relieves eye strain. In addition, emerald jewelry is effective in treating diseases of the excretory system: it helps with inflammation and infections of the bladder and urinary tract.


The best antidote to poisoning. With its ability to rapidly regenerate cells, this crystal heals the digestive organs, liver, gall bladder and spleen. However, you should not wear topaz jewelry to a banquet or party: this crystal sharpens the taste sensations and many dishes will seem tasteless to you.

Cat's Eye

It has powerful healing properties due to its ability to activate cellular metabolism and awaken dormant resources in the body. The crystal helps with bronchial asthma, anemia, rheumatism, throat diseases (laryngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis).


Removes energy blocks and opens energy channels. The strongest crystals are in light shades. You should wear malachite on a long chain, so that it is at the level of the solar plexus. This way, malachite is able to absorb negative energy and create protection for your body. In addition, this crystal has a beneficial effect on the hormonal system and on many glands (pancreas, thyroid gland, pituitary gland and pineal gland).


It is called the crystal of the nuns, because it is believed that in order to manifest its healing properties, the owner must possess chastity and kindness. The fact is that this crystal is very susceptible to any energy and if you are an unbalanced person, sapphire will begin to work against you. Lowers blood pressure, helps with insomnia and colds. A sapphire bracelet on the left hand helps with asthma, heart disease and neuralgia.


One of the strongest means for cleansing the internal organs. This crystal should be worn to prevent female diseases. Red jasper stops bleeding and relieves toothache.

The crystal treatment method is called lithotherapy and has existed for a long time in alternative medicine. But in any case, you should not rely on it to cure serious diseases or use lithotherapy as the main method of treatment, but at most as an additional one.