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Amber - Meaning, Powers and Properties

Amber - Meaning, Powers and Properties

Amber, is a semi-precious stone, admired not only for its amazing appearance and qualities, but also because it gives us a chance to return back in time and peer all the way into the Tertiary era.

The warm color of the stone is only a small part of its magic, because sometimes this natural formation has captured remarkable organisms, transported them as if by a time machine to our modern day, to excite the human imagination.

At the beginning of its journey to us, somewhere in the depths of time, amber was simply a resin that trees secreted millennia ago. The finest specimens of amber come from various species of trees that are extinct today. The most famous is Baltic amber, obtained from wood that resembled fir or spruce.

Originally, the tree used the resin as a protection against insects, parasites and various tree fungi. Having gone through many transformations, it has become amber.

Amber benefits

This stone is extremely light and soft and can float in salt water. Its color varies, ranging from almost white to all shades of red, yellow, black and brown. There is amber even in blue and green. The most interesting aspects of it are the insects, plants or small animals frozen in it.

According to legend, amber gave powers to spellcasters. It is also considered a love stone. It's also a stone for strength, luck, health and inner peace. Amulets are made from it, which from ancient times to the present day are believed to have magical protective powers. The touch of amber to the body purifies it. It is believed that if touched to the bare skin of the neck in the form of a pendant, amber heals the endocrine system. Many people believe that it heals the thyroid gland and wear it for that purpose.

Energy properties of amber?

Modern studies of the human biofield make it possible to draw some conclusions about amber.

- It is a natural biostimulator that has a positive influence on the body and the electromagnetic field. It is expressed in the restoration of the human energy system, slows down the development of cancer cells and stimulates the circulatory system;

- The golden light it emits stimulates good mood, soothes nervous tension and gives inner peace and balance.

What are the healing properties of amber?


Can a gemstone affect health? This is not an absurd question, because stone treatment is a widespread part of Eastern medicine. Ayurveda considers them a condenser of cosmic energy with 7 types of radiation. Since diseases arise, because the vibrations of the living tissue are not in harmony with the cosmic ones, amber is used to establish the disturbed harmonious relationship of the body with the Universal Peace.

In ancient times, amber was considered a natural antibiotic. Avicenna has a series of recipes with amber included in them. It was used to stop bleeding, against vomiting, to treat heart complaints, for diseases of the kidneys, stomach, for asthma, jaundice, as a physiotherapeutic stone.

According to belief, a person suffering from bile or jaundice should carry a stone of light amber. If it begins to darken, then the disease is gone.

Because the beautiful stone contains 8 percent succinic acid, amber has healing properties due to the acid's nature as a vitamin-like compound. It promotes the internal healing of the body and slows down aging.

Based on these properties is the belief that amber medallions protect the heart, thyroid and solar plexus area. Attached to the waist, they support the spine, stomach and pelvic organs. An amber bracelet heals the bone system.

Beliefs about amber rest on a scientific basis, on centuries of experience they have their grounds, which confirm that the belief in this stone is not naive and unfounded, but rests on real possibilities.