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Crystals with Which to Attract Love

Antonia R.Antonia R.

In esoteric circles, crystals are seen as a sort of pure energy from nature that can balance the aspects of our lives that are lacking harmony. Below you can find out which crystals can help you attract love.

These crystals possess a specific vibration that will help you heal your past emotional traumas and fill your life with love and warmth.

You can wear them as jewelry or place them as an accessory in your home. If you're single, they will help you find the right person for you. If you're in a relationship, they'll help you keep it stable.

The crystals below have healing properties and will help you rejuvenate on the emotional and spiritual level.

1. Malachite

This green stone restore harmony and balance by soothing our judgmental side. Malachite helps us better understand our needs and desires, as well as to better understand others. Wearing this crystal will help you free yourself of everything old and needed, in order to find peace.

Rose Quartz

2. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. It eases tension in the atmosphere and soothes the energy. Rose Quartz helps us be easier on ourselves and not judge each other too hard, to love ourselves before we can love another. For non-singles, the stone is going to create a feeling of tranquility and harmony.

3. Moonstone

Moonstone is the stone of passion. It will attract romance and love to your life, while for singles it will reignite the flames of the moment when they first met. It is also thought to help couples who are trying to conceive.

4. Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline symbolizes female energy and the ability to feel understood and comfortable in the company of others. This stone relieves stress and helps us feel more loved by those around us.