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Crystals, Which You Can Put In Your Water Bottle

Crystals for water

Because of their mysterious beauty crystals have been used for millennia in rituals and ceremonies, people have believed in their magical properties. Today, worshiping the power of this natural formation has transformed into a belief in the power of crystal water.

What is it and what is it used for?

It literally means water in which a crystal is placed. Water for many is a living organism that is a perfect conduit for the healing and rejuvenating energy of the crystal. Water accepts the taste, sensations, moods of the surrounding world, it is an information-carrying medium.

Crystals are what give water the healing, purifying, soothing and invigorating energies of the mineral kingdom. In the crystal lattice of each stone, unique abilities are hidden - they absorb and amplify the universal life force.

By absorbing the energy of light, heat and pressure and converting it into electrical energy at an unique frequency, they charge the water with this energy, which then passes into the person.

How true is this?

Serious scientific evidence for the benefits of this charging is difficult to be given, but the placebo effect is undoubted and sometimes this is enough to accept a practice as beneficial.

Obsidian is suitable for water

However, another important question arises: is it safe to use crystal water?

Experts advise those who want to try the effect of a charged crystal bottle to keep in mind some important points:

- The choice of crystal must be very precise. Some crystals are not harmful, but there are some that can make water toxic. Should not be used: Azurite, Cinnabite, Moonstone, Pyrite.

- The crystal should not be placed directly in the water. These stones should be in a separate chamber, without direct contact with the water.

- The change in water molecules from the crystals happens in about 7 minutes, which is the optimal time to let the crystal act on the water.

The most suitable crystals for charging the water are the crystals - quartz, rose quartz, obsidian, each offering different benefits. Clear quartz is a healer for immunity, memory and focus. Rose quartz works for interpersonal relationships and obsidian gives a sense of purpose in life.

Crystal water can be used as an additive of a few drops in tea or coffee, sprayed in the room to improve the energy in it, aerating houseplants.