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Healing Properties of Azurite


Azurite is a copper mineral with an amazing azure blue color, for which it has been known and valued since ancient times. Azurite deposits are most often blocky, but geologists also find crystals with a magical blue color and a prism shape.

The beautiful dark blue stone is a fascinating natural creation that can open the third eye according to beliefs. It has that strong of an energy. It can certainly be said that it has a strong impact on psychic energy and charges with strength. Because of this, it is an excellent remedy used even in ancient times.

The healing capabilities of azurite are strongest for the throat and neck. It has been successfully used to treat sore throats and neck pain. It also solves health problems caused by the thyroid gland, by hearing and caused by asthma.

Azurite helps the body absorb oxygen and this has a strengthening effect on blood flow.

Because azurite bonds with the copper ore in the earth when it forms, it is a perfect stone for making medical jewelry used for arthritis and rheumatism.

A good option is to use azurite to cleanse toxins from the environment, as well as those in the human body, mostly accumulated as a result of the use of drugs.

Healing Properties of Azurite

High blood pressure is a serious and common problem today and it should be known that azurite very successfully lowers it and not only that, it keeps it within normal limits.

For wound healing, azurite was very often used in the past. They put it on the injured area, because it promotes the union of the tissues in the places of broken integrity, by helping to connect them to the bone tissue.

The blue color has a calming effect on the eyes and is therefore used in certain eye problems, in digestive disorders, in epileptic fits and in asthmatic attacks, because of the calming effect that is important to all of them. Its ability to calm the nervous system is the reason it is used as a good sleep aid.

This crystal also has a therapeutic effect. Mainly as a tonic for the liver and kidneys. Physical and emotional health are within the ability of azurite, which is why it is an important healing crystal.