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Dioptase - Meaning and Properties

Dioptase - meaning and properties

Most people believe in the properties of gemstones and minerals, use them as adornment at home, or keep them close to them in the form of jewelry. Dioptase is a perfect example of this. With its beautiful appearance and healing properties, many people use it to connect with the universe.

Dioptase is a hydrous, copper silicate and its name comes from the ancient Greek words "dm", which means "through" and "opticos" - eye. We can also meet it under other names, for example ashirite and copper emerald. The deposits of this little treasure are in Kazakhstan, Chile, USA and Africa.

The way dioptase looks is characterized by the transparency of the crystals, the glassiness of the luster and as for the color of the minerals - they are blue-green and emerald green. The size of the crystals it forms is about 1 cm, but sometimes they are also found up to 3 cm in size.

Each gemstone is associated with one of the 7 Chakras. Dioptase is associated with the 4th chakra (Anahata - heart chakra), whose main color is green.

It is believed that this stone brings exceptional luck to its owner, stimulates and supports mental activity, brings harmony and satisfaction to the workplace and also nurtures the desire for fruitfulness.

Dioptase is said to even read other people's thoughts and transmit them to its owner, by increasing the so-called intuition or through dreams and meditation. By strengthening intuition, dioptase prevents its owner from being deceived or lied to. It nourishes their eyes, ears and soul, so that they can see, hear and feel the intention of delusion.


When it comes to love relationships, however, this stone will definitely not work for you. Its duties are more about focusing and nurturing the material situation than intimate relationships.

Dioptase can help you look prestigious, attractive and self-confident in the eyes of the opposite sex, if women wear it in the form of jewelry and men wear it on their tie. And when the crystal is worn in the form of a ring, it will help its owner to get out of uncomfortable situations quickly.

Dioptase is a talisman of pupils, students, professors, economists, businessmen and all people who, in the specific period are focused on the material from the point of view of pursuing their own goals. It helps to make the right decisions, clears the mind and helps with concentration.

But it can cause jealousy in the partner, so it is recommended to wear it once a week for 2 to 4 hours.

Undoubtedly, this crystal is perfect for you if you are in a stage of your life that requires maximum concentration. Therefore, if you want to be confident in yourself, always be lucky and attract people's attention, then grab a dioptase crystal and conquer new heights.

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