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Why Envy is Harmful to HealthWhy Envy is Harmful to Health
17 Nov.
Envy is short-term and long-term. The negative impact of envy on the body depends on the psychotype of the person. Why is envy harmful to health?
How to Increase Our Motivation Levels?How to Increase Our Motivation Levels?
16 Nov.
There is a system that includes several practical steps that will help increase your motivation levels and achieve whatever goal you have set for yourself.
How to Get Rid of SkepticismHow to Get Rid of Skepticism
14 Nov.
Skepticism is based on fear. Fear of mistakes. The fear of being too naive and trusting. On the subjective reality side, skepticism is an adaptation of the mind.
How To Be CreativeHow To Be Creative
25 Oct.
Creativity is a skill that takes time, practice and effort to develop. To develop creativity, you will need to change your lifestyle. We'll give you some tips.
How to ConcentrateHow to Concentrate
25 Oct.
Improving your concentration can help you succeed at work and school and make you a happier and more organized person. To become more focused, you need to learn these things.
How to Balance the Doshas?How to Balance the Doshas?
18 Oct.
In Ayurveda vata, pitta and kapha are the three doshas or the three body types. These are basic energy substances, which make up our mortal body. They are associated with the five elements in nature.
The Power of Visualization to Achieve What You WantThe Power of Visualization to Achieve What You Want
17 Oct.
Visualization is a powerful tool for achieving the desired result. Learn a little more about the power of visualization to achieve what you want. Technique for successful visualization of the desired.
How to Overcome our Own EgoHow to Overcome our Own Ego
18 Dec.
The ego is blamed for everything - from relationship breakups to the start of wars! Oftentimes, people don't even realize that they are led by it and that it's responsible to a great degree for ruining their lives.
How to Increase your Daily Dose of LaughterHow to Increase your Daily Dose of Laughter
03 Apr.
Find humor and positivity in your daily life. When things aren't going well, try to see it as a valuable lesson that'll help you in the future.
The Technique for Hearing the Voice of your Heart, Not your ReasoningThe Technique for Hearing the Voice of your Heart, Not your Reasoning
23 Jan.
When making important decisions, many folks prefer to listen to the voice of their heart and intuition, but this is difficult because the instinct of reason is, in most cases, the louder one.