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Labradorite - Meaning and Properties

Labradorite - Meaning and Properties
Image: Monika from Pixabay

A beautiful legend tells how an evil sorcerer captured the Northern Lights and imprisoned them in the rocks. To release it, a brave warrior struck the stone with his spear. The glow flew into the sky, but a part of the long colored lights remained in the ground. These are today's labradorite stones.

The stone is known in India as the Hawk's Eye and in the Orient it is called the Phenomenal Ston, and is worn only on the Sabbath. The American Indians called it Fire Stone and sewed it into their clothes. The Labradorite stone, however, was discovered on St. Paul Island in Labrador, Canada, in 1770, hence its name.

Champagne-colored golden labradorite and spectrolite - all radiant in all colors of the spectrum - are known. Each labradorite stone is unique, no two are alike. Shining in all the colors of the rainbow, this stone can get rid of a bad mood immediately.

Labradorite stone is found in meteorites and is therefore considered an extraterrestrial wonder. A quality stone of this type shines in changing colors and spectrolite is black-based.

It is a very strong stone and should not be worn arbitrarily by anyone, because it is harmful to weak and bad people. This stone should neither be sold nor given away, it is attuned to the owner's energy and foreign energy will confuse it. It should not be combined with any other stone. Suitable for it are Mountain Crystal and Amethyst.

Healing properties of Labradorite

On a physical level, this stone improves vision, soothes joint pain and muscles. Regulates metabolism and relieves colds. It helps with menstrual pain and mental disorders. It protects against misfortunes and bad energy and is suitable for people with difficult professions.

This stone is very necessary for people who are at a crossroads in life and need to clarify their personal goals.

Magical Properties

Labradorite is a sorcerer stone. It is used by sorcerers and witches. It enhances intuition, develops telepathy and clairvoyance. The stone can open the third eye, it has a good effect on the crown and throat chakras. Spectrolite charges with esoteric wisdom and cleanses the aura. It can open the way to unsuspected talents of its owner.