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Never Wear Gold and Silver Together! Find out Why


A lot of people like to wear gold and silver jewelry at the same time, thinking there's nothing wrong with this. But psychic mediums and mystics say that this type of decision could cost you dearly.

The reason is the energy inherent in these 2 precious metals. Each of them has their own unique vibrations, which actually counteract each other. When they clash, they begin to negatively affect your energetic field.

What is the energetic field? It is an invisible layer surrounding each person. It protects the body and soul from the onslaught of negative vibrations. When the energy field begins to weaken, this has a negative influence on our entire being.


That is why wearing gold and silver at the same time is considered detrimental. If you still haven't reconsidered, find out below about some of the consequences you'll be facing.

1. It will make communication with others more difficult

Due to the harmful effects of gold silver, others around you will begin to feel an inexplicable tension around you. They are going to feel nervous and uneasy. They may even start suffering from exhaustion and headache. In any case, it will be difficult for them to communicate properly with you.

2. Your immune system will weaken

As your energetic field thins, so will your immune system. With this the risk of diseases also increases.

3. Vulnerability toward magic and curses increases

When your energetic field is destroyed, you'll become susceptible to negative vibrations, magic, curses and other hexes.