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Blue Quartz - Properties and Meaning

Blue Quartz - Properties and Meaning

Quartz is a rock mineral commonly found in the earth's crust, but it can also be part of other minerals in the form of silicates and mixtures. The stone itself is colorless, but it colors its elements from other minerals, most often iron oxides. It has been known since ancient times and archaeologists often find various sculptures, jewelry, utensils and church vessels made of quartz.

Blue Quartz, also called Sapphire Quartz, gives us a number of prerequisites to use it. It jealously guards its place in jewelry, where it proudly adorns various bracelets, necklaces, jewelry boxes, beads and all kinds of jewelry, and why not use it as a decoration at home?

A common method is the so-called cabochon cut, which gives the stone a round and smooth shape. The mineral is used both for the manufacture of ceramics and glasses and in optics as a poiseoelectric. Undoubtedly, blue quartz has earned its fame.

Beneficial influence of blue quartz

Blue Quartz
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Apart from practical properties, the sapphire crystal also has its effects on the human body. The color blue is believed to have a strong energetic effect and when it comes to precious stones, the effect is undoubtedly enhanced. It is said to activate brain activity, balance the central nervous system, improve memory and also help fight frequent colds and sore throats.

Some even claim that it helps in the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction. Quite often, people make the so-called quartz waters, which fight acne, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, inflammatory diseases and a number of other problems.

I guess you can't wait to find out about the magical properties of this powerful stone. Centuries ago, priests and magicians used blue quartz to purify and charge water, which they then used for dream interpretation and tried to look into the future through it. The stone was believed to be a mediator between earth and outer space.

Nowadays, blue quartz is considered a talisman to ward off anything negative. It is often called the stone of joy as it contributes optimism, calmness and self-confidence to people. Its benefit in the family environment is also undeniable, as it brings coziness and tranquility to the home and helps to find true love. From a creative point of view, it stimulates inspiration in artists and develops their imagination.

Blue Quartz - Properties and Meaning

Which zodiac signs is blue quartz suitable for

Most of us associate gemstones and crystals with the zodiac signs. We can say about blue quartz that it perfectly belongs to people under the signs of Libra and Scorpio, bringing them constant luck. For Pisces, it brings harmony, satisfaction and peace, develops their creative abilities and motivates them to create and for Aquarius, it helps them find a happy family. All other zodiac signs, with the exception of Gemini and Virgo, are recommended to wear sapphire quartz hidden from the view of others.

How to care for blue quartz

You can take care of your blue quartz extremely easily, but we recommend that you be careful and protect it from strong impacts or drops. If your stone is dirty, you can clean it with a cloth dampened with a mild soap, then wash it under running water and gently dry and polish it. We strongly recommend keeping the stone separate from other stones in a velvet case.

Blue Quartz is a budget option for a beautiful piece of jewelry and at the same time a protective amulet with an unprecedented number of benefits.