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What Ailments Do Different Gemstones Help with?


Gemstones are a beautiful piece of jewelry that would undoubtedly impress any woman. However, they should not be seen only as spectacular ornaments, but also as valuable healers. It has long been no secret to mankind that these magical stones can help with a variety of health problems, and even today, when medicine is so developed, believers of unconventional treatment continue to use them. See for what diseases some of the most famous precious stones have a miraculous effect:

– black tourmaline – has a calming and sobering effect. It is used for diarrhea, weakened immune system, fear neurosis. Its presence works well for people suffering from painful jealousy and those who easily succumb to their obsessions;

onyx – gives courage, determination, will. It has a positive effect on hair loss, brittle nails, impaired hearing, high blood pressure, purulent infections, ulcers, etc.


– heliotrope – has a soothing, relaxing, toning effect. It is believed to have a good effect on kidney problems, heart diseases, liver and spleen problems. Contributes to an easier birth and also to the purification of the blood;

– red jasper – gives a sense of security and peace. Its presence prevents vomiting and nausea. It dulls menstrual pains and relieves epilepsy. It is curative for bladder infections, bile problems;

– golden beryl – has a lightening and energizing effect. It enhances intuition. It is used for problems with the urinary tract, difficult digestion, jaw pain. It has a beneficial effect on sore throats, diabetes, liver diseases, vision problems;

rose quartz – gives us peace of mind and makes us more peaceful. It helps with difficult expression of emotions and to create a more positive attitude. In non-traditional medicine, it is used for sexual trauma, paralysis, heart problems;

– two-tone tourmaline – Gives a sense of calmness and charges with love. It is used in the difficult experience of a closed connection. It works effectively for problems with metabolism and hormones.

– jadeite – soothes and gives fertility. It is used for difficult pregnancy, nervous system problems, kidney diseases, bladder problems. It is recommended for pregnant women for an easier birth;


– agate – banishes fear and makes us less susceptible to emotions. It is effective for vision problems, heart problems, epilepsy, fever. It is recommended for teeth that are difficult to erupt, menstrual pains, stomach problems;

– turquoise – has a cooling and sobering effect. It helps with blood pressure problems, impaired vision, inflammation and swelling. Stimulates the release of breast milk and faster healing of wounds. It is also recommended for asthma, headaches, dizziness;

– fluorite – removes stress and anxiety. Ancient healers testified to its efficacy in mental problems, insomnia, stroke. There is evidence that it has a positive effect on heart attack and Parkinson's disease;

amethyst – calms and sobers. It is highly recommended for neuroses, alcoholism, headaches, asthma, insomnia, severe stress. It is used for sinusitis, various allergies, asthma. Helps with gout and blood clots. Dispels dark thoughts and protects against nightmares;

– striped quartz – has a positive effect on mental health. Protects against depression and stress. Its presence has a beneficial effect on premature aging, weakened immunity, insomnia. Recommended for dyslexia and lack of appetite;

– smoky quartz – instills courage and will. Helps with drug and alcohol addiction. It can also be used to quit smoking. It also works well for fatigue, stress, lack of energy, digestive problems, frequent gas, premenstrual discomfort;


– ruby – calming and grounding. Protects against nausea, menstrual problems, epilepsy. It is recommended for traumas of a different nature, bladder infections, AIDS;

– hyacinth – has a sedative effect. In ancient medicine, it was used for lung diseases, liver problems, wounds. It was thought to protect against poisoning;

– topaz – banishes fear and fills with positive energy as well as determination. It is recommended for bone problems, lung diseases, insomnia, varicose veins, impotence, depressive conditions;

– malachite – improves the eye sight. It is recommended for people who work in front of a computer, as well as those suffering from myopia;

emerald – improves attitude towards life and fills with confidence, calmness and happiness. It is used for insomnia, premature aging, physical and mental exhaustion. With its presence, it is believed to protect pregnant women from miscarriage;


- aquamarine - makes us better and more honest, helps us to communicate with others more easily. Works effectively for hormonal imbalance, migraine, eye problems, stomach ailments, jaw tension, etc.;

– lazurite – has a cooling and calming effect. It has a positive effect on the whole body, but is recommended mostly for speech problems, women's diseases, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy;

amber – this is the stone that will help you if you have, impaired vision, lung problems. Effectively affects bleeding gums, hair loss, skin diseases, sore throat. It knows how to give the feeling of calmness;

– selenite – makes us wiser and chaste. It has a positive effect on alcohol addiction, obsessions, panic fear;

zircon – this is a stone that protects the whole body. Protects against various infections, improves the functions of the heart.