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The Stone of Love: Rose Quartz

Heart shaped rose quartz

Precious and semi-precious stones are unique natural formations, a gift of nature. They serve to make beautiful ornaments or to produce various tools for the fine processing of other natural raw materials.

Stones also have magical properties, they protect their owner from various negative influences, support life and guide efforts to achieve some goal. Their crystal lattice has the power to influence and this is where their qualities come from.

Different types of quartz stones have long attracted the attention of man with their pure and exquisite beauty. They are a symbol of tenderness and ethereality and in terms of color, they are characterized by clean and beautiful colors.

The most beautiful is undoubtedly the rose quartz. We will give it the attention it deserves.

Rose quartz - general characteristics

Rose quartz

Rose quartz is a mineral formation, silicon oxide. It is resistant to high temperatures. Makes an impression with a crystal clear shine. Titanium or manganese impurities in its crystal structure give rose quartz its beautiful hues.

The material is usually formed into a rounded shape. When the image that is made is in a raised relief form, it is called a cameo. The indented image is called


. The best quality rose quartz is mined in South Africa, Brazil, Madagascar and the USA.

Rose quartz - stone of love

The stone of love - rose quartz

Even in antiquity, it was believed that rose quartz is a stone of love. It is spoken about in ancient Greek mythology. The gods of love, Cupid and Eros, brought rose quartz to Earth. The goal was that the gentle and romantic color of quartz predisposes people to love. Therefore, rose quartz is considered a stone of love and fertility.

Sometimes when shaping this stone, this quartz emits a beam. Then this stone is used for magical love rituals. It was believed that the stone protects friendly feelings between people and opens the senses to the beautiful.

Another belief is that with its help feelings such as love and compassion are developed and it helps in finding an intimate partner. Rose quartz also protects family happiness.

With this stone you will cleanse yourself of painful old memories and heal your emotional traumas. It is believed that whoever puts a rose quartz egg under their pillow will attract love into their life.

Another belief associated with the power of rose quartz is that it balances the emotions and brings peace and tranquility to the soul. With this stone you will accept the love of others and know universal love.

It can be worn by all people, but it is most suitable for the zodiac signs Aries, Taurus, Libra and Pisces.