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Apatite - Influcence and Properties of the Stone

Apatite - Influcence and Properties of the Stone
Image: starbright-pixabay

Even if you're not that into precious or semi-precious stones, which we slightly doubt (especially if you're getting them as a gift), you know very well what stones like ruby, topaz, turquoise, agate and others. Not to mention diamonds.

There is also a much more unknown stone that falls into the precious stones category and is called Apatite. It is found mainly in Brazil, Madagascar, Myanmar, Kenya, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, as well as in Mexico, Canada and the USA. Like other types of precious and semi-precious stones, its value is determined by its color. Which can vary quite a bit, but Cat's Eye Apatite is definitely considered the most expensive.

If we go back in time, the history of the Apatite stone is also interesting because it took a long time for it to be distinguished from other stones such as aquamarine, topaz, olivine, amethyst or beryl. The main reason for this was that the stone came in different shades, and that it could change depending on who possessed it.

For a time it was even called the Liar or Cheat Stone, until it became clear that its characteristic feature was that it did not have such a rigid structure compared to the above stones. As with many others, which it is confused with.

That is where its name comes from, because the name apatite comes from the Greek word apetein: in translation it means "deceitful", and it was named this way only in 1788 by Abraham Werner, who although called the Lying Stone, proves that it cannot be compared to other crystals.

The influence of Apatite is immense on anyone who possesses it. It is believed that it has the ability to become so attached to its owner that if the latter is beset by emotional stress, heartache, life tragedy or illness, the stone will begin to change color. At the same time, while it is with its owner, it takes care of them as much as a stone can.

By watching the Apatite's color change, you can find out if it is faithful and loyal to your personality. If its color is clear, then keep it close to you or find a place for it in your home. In some Asian and African countries it is believed that it can even help you foretell the future.

The latter statement is mainly due to the belief that if the color of Apatite begins to darken, then it is a harbinger of failures or diseases. This way, it can be beneficial to you because you can always take preventive measures if you have a trusted advisor.

Apatite is Gemini's zodiac stone. It will balance and tame them, and jewelry made with apatite is a particularly suitable gift for them. The colors of the stone can vary quite a lot - brown, blue, purple, gray, white, blood red, yellow and even colorless apatites are found. Advise the future owner of your chosen Apatite jewelry that it is important to treat it as a talisman, and if they notice that its color is darkening, it is best to get a medical examination.

Here is the place to note that it also matters what colors you choose. It is believed that green Apatite stones will help their owners to communicate with animals, blue ones bring luck for starting a new job, and yellow ones would help women get rid of their cellulite and regardless of gender would have a beneficial effect on the activity of the liver, spleen and pancreas.

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