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Spells, Witches and Curses

Spells, Witches and Curses

Are there spells, what is their effect on us, and how do we protect ourselves from spells ? You can decide for yourself. Magic is an ancient art, but to this day there are many people who want to do harm to someone through magic.
The Incredible Magical Powers of LemonThe Incredible Magical Powers of Lemon
01 Dec.
It is good to grow lemon at home - it will surely benefit both believers in its magical powers and skeptics relying only on its useful natural properties.
How to Protect Yourself From Spells and Curses?How to Protect Yourself From Spells and Curses?
20 Nov.
How to protect yourself from spells and curses? There are quite a few folk practices for protection against spells and curses. Ghosts or just superstitions, even if they don't make sense, they don't hurt.
Does Ancestral Magic and Curse Exist?Does Ancestral Magic and Curse Exist?
20 Nov.
The ancestral curse is the most dangerous spell, which is difficult to remove and can be passed down from generation to generation, bringing only evil.
How to Make Moon Water?How to Make Moon Water?
08 Nov.
A full moon is a time when magic is most felt. What is moon water? How to make moon water?
Easy Magic with Melting Ice Makes Dreams Come TrueEasy Magic with Melting Ice Makes Dreams Come True
28 Dec.
Water liquid can cleanse the body and attract luck, health, prosperity and happiness to your life. To do this you have to carry out a simple ritual.
Witches Once Ruled This Mystical Place in LaplandWitches Once Ruled This Mystical Place in Lapland
18 Dec.
Besides its myth pertaining to Santa Claus, Lapland is known for its legends of not-so-friendly beings, such as witches.
Methods for Getting Rid of CursesMethods for Getting Rid of Curses
07 Dec.
Never underestimate curses, they can make you feel exceptionally ill. Keep these rituals in mind and always have red thread on hand to ward off the evil eye.
Were the Stars of 27 Club Satanists?Were the Stars of 27 Club Satanists?
20 July
One of the most well-known mysteries in the music world is that of 27 Club. That is the name of a list of legendary performers who have died under mysterious circumstances at the age of 27.
Magic Rituals for Rejuvenation and BeautificationMagic Rituals for Rejuvenation and Beautification
27 Feb.
The apple ritual was said to not only beautify and make a woman more youthful but also make her healthier and more fertile. For it, you have to eat an apple every night for a period of 12 nights during a waxing moon. . .
Magic Ritual for Attracting Love with a TubeMagic Ritual for Attracting Love with a Tube
16 Feb.
Magic rituals for love and attraction are some of the most difficult to execute but also the most effective. The ritual that uses a magic tube promises the best results, as it is the most potent and enduring.