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Why Do We Call Mars the Red Planet?Why Do We Call Mars the Red Planet?
22 Oct.
Mars is the 4th planet from the Sun in our Solar System. It bears the name of the god of war Mars, from Roman mythology, because of the fact that it looks red in the night sky. That is why Mars is also known as the...
What do Blind People Dream of?What do Blind People Dream of?
02 June
Among the greatest mysteries related to dreams is the question of what blind people dream of. How does the brain of an individual who can't see build up their environment?...
Several hypotheses about why we dreamSeveral hypotheses about why we dream
20 May
Hypothesis № 2: Do you manage to wake up Scientists have long thought that in the day people accumulate specific substances (conventionally called \"sleep factors\") that cause brain fatigue....
Women dream more nightmares than menWomen dream more nightmares than men
25 Mar.
Another study concluded that women dream more often of family members, they have more negative emotions and less aggression than in the dreams of men....
How to Recognize a Prophetic DreamHow to Recognize a Prophetic Dream
23 Sept.
Moreover, these dreams are remembered very well, to the smallest details....
Dreams of BirdsDreams of Birds
30 July
Birds in dreams symbolize hidden desires and hopes. Birds in dreams are intermediaries between the conscious and subconscious of a person....
Colors in DreamsColors in Dreams
18 June
A brown color in a dream signifies family happiness and calm. If you are dressed in brown in your dream, this portends attaining wealth soon....
Dreams About HairDreams About Hair
25 Apr.
If in your dream, you put a lot of gel in your hair, this reveals your willingness to smooth out relations with a person close to you. If your hair is falling in your dream, this shows that you are depressed....
Dreams of FoodDreams of Food
23 Sept.
If you see melted butter or margarine in a dream, this is a warning that it will be difficult for you to transform your dreams into reality because you are simply lacking the perseverance for it....
Fountain of dreamsFountain of dreams
19 Dec.
Then we can perceive it as a dimension that religion called the Sky, a definitive of "collective unconscious". In the dream we go there and we can communicate through our dreams with the rest of the universe....
Everyone dreams, but most of your dreams are forgottenEveryone dreams, but most of your dreams are forgotten
31 Mar.
Everyone dreams but men and women have different dreams and different physical reactions. Men dream more often of women, while women dream both of men and women....
What the Different Zodiac Signs Dream AboutWhat the Different Zodiac Signs Dream About
24 Mar.
They dream of something new and unstudied. Examples of these can be the latest smart phone model or finding a cure for cancer....
Miller's Dream Dictionary for Predicting the FutureMiller's Dream Dictionary for Predicting the Future
25 Jan.
Miller's dream dictionary was created by German psychiatrist Gustavus Miller, who studied dreams. According to him, dreams provide important encrypted information for past, present and future events....
A Ritual for Finding your Dream JobA Ritual for Finding your Dream Job
30 June
Don't watch TV, don't surf the internet, don't even talk to anyone on the phone! Simply relax under your blankets and rest. With this, you finalize the ritual. And one other important thing!...
What do Men and Women Dream of?What do Men and Women Dream of?
17 Sept.
were present in women's dreams....

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