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Hindu dream meaning interpretationsHindu dream meaning interpretations
24 June
Dreams have always been a mystery to people. Why do we dream and what do our dreams mean, these are questions that people ask themselves since the ancient times. Today science has advanced enough to be able to explain...
Injury DreamsInjury Dreams
23 June
memory problems. In fact dreaming may even be harmful to humans, warns the British professor. For example, people in depression who dream nightmarish dreams will only worsen the situation of suffering the next day...
Flying DreamsFlying Dreams
03 Aug.
they feel on top of the world and are flying to new heights. A flying dream in most cases that of a lucid dream, a lucid dreams means we are aware that we dreaming at the time and may feel like we are literally watching...
Ouija Board DreamOuija Board Dream
07 July
It started when I was at this weird creepy garden, a person was in front of me, sitting on the cold hard dirt. The garden was obviously not taken care as there was plants growing randomly out of the ground. It was dark...
Home Alone DreamHome Alone Dream
05 Aug.
So i was in the kitchen of my house my parents were gone and my grandma was in her room folding clothes. I heard a shallow voice say allie. . . i was confused so i headed towards my grandmas room and my brother showed up...
Dream of ex boyfriendDream of ex boyfriend
14 Jan.
I dreamt of going out together with my ex boyfriend in a group set-up. I remember he's with me to help me do something. He was wearing all black ensemble. We kissed but while kissing I realized that my ex boyfriend's...
Odd dream about deathOdd dream about death
25 Dec.
I had a long dream last night but there was one part that really stuck out. It started at a picnic table, there where about 6 of us sitting and eating and beside be was a guy i knew but passed away. I felt really...
Dream of muslim ladyDream of muslim lady
03 Oct.
I dreamt that : seeing a muslim lady, she urges me to win so that i buy book from book store, she called me, but i pretend to be sleep, she announces hat i had won third place, after that that's me, so that she came...
Dream of dancing classDream of dancing class
07 June
I Dreamt That.... me, my friends and our mums and sisters were at a shopping centre when we realised dancing was going to start so we raced to the dancing hall and found it being used by the church so me went my place...
Dream about inventionDream about invention
25 Apr.
My husband invented something, Everyone was telling me he was going to make alot of money. When I would ask them or my husband what it was no one would tell me, they would smile and walk away. As I got more frustrated I...
A dream of watersA dream of waters
06 Jan.
On saturday I woke up very scared. I saw my face in a dream looking very dissappointing. It looked as if it was struck by a small meteorite or asteroid. I had two outward wounds on my left side of my face. Getting even...
Dog Exchange DreamDog Exchange Dream
10 Nov.
Today I had a bizarre dream about my two dogs Bear and Pearl. In the dream I and my mother were walking my dogs as we usually do, when a woman came up to us and asked if she can walk our dogs while we walk her dog. For...
Scary, weird dreamScary, weird dream
14 Sept.
Hi, I need help understanding why I'm having these weird dreams! Last night I had a long dream where it started by me recently moving into a new house or apartment, I cant remember which one it was. I think someone...
Weird Moon DreamWeird Moon Dream
31 July
Can any one explain what did I see apart from biblical 2:20 the coming of the days of the lord and apocalypse. Dream: It was mid day and I was at my aunt's house. Their was some wedding funtion there with bride groom...
Sigmund Freud's Dream DictionarySigmund Freud's Dream Dictionary
21 Oct.
support in a task she is undertaking. Death Dreams of death happen most often when you move to a new place of residence or make some other fundamental change in your life. If you dream that you're being...

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