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If you Dream of Wolves, Prepare for the Following

Antonia R.Antonia R.
Wolf Howl

The wolf symbolizes freedom and independence, while a pack of wolves has, since ancient times, been considered the embodiment of devotion to the family. Depending on the circumstances in a particular dream though, these animals could mean one of several things.

If you dream that you're in your home and it's surrounded by a pack of wolves, this indicates that you're soon going to have to demonstrate your loyalty to those closest to you.

An attack by wolves in a dream where you show fearlessness is a sign that you're not afraid of the looming dangers, that you're ready to face them regardless of the circumstances.

A wolf pack signifies how you see the family. If the pack is strong and close-knit, then you more than likely feel great among your loved ones.

Wolves in your dream could be your subconscious warning you that there are people around you who are trying to scare you. You need to think carefully about who you trust.


Dreaming of these predators could also be a sign that you haven't overcome your childhood fears that are preventing you from looking at the world around you in a more grown-up way.

If you dream that you're a wolf, then in the future you're going to have to blend in perfectly with your surroundings and become practically invisible. If you dream that you're a wolf before an important meeting, don't share your plans with anyone.

If you dream that you're a wolf that's attacking, it's likely that a loved one of yours needs your help.