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What Dreams of Various Sea Creatures Portend

Goldfish Dreams

You don't have to be a fisherman to dream of fish or other sea inhabitants. Sooner or later, everyone dreams of them and may wonder what their dreams mean.

Generally, fish appear in human dreams to foretell success and luck but at the same time, if you dream of them dead, you can expect a lot of misfortune, including the loss of a loved one.

That's why it's good to find out a little bit more about dreams with sea creatures and how to interpret them:


If you dream of a dead shark, this portends of good times to come. In all other cases, prepare for something bad to happen to you. It's possible that your beloved will cheat on you, that you find out you were being deceived by a close friend or for a serious illness to befall you.


Expect a promotion at work and satisfaction from whatever it is you are doing. Count on your intuition and intellect in order to reach your goals.



Everyone's heard of stories about goldfish. If you dream of one, it really will bring you wealth and prosperity.


Think about whether it's not time to start a family.



It's possible that you or someone close to you gets sick from a severe illness.


Regardless of whether you dream of eating it or it's dead, rejoice. A lobster is a harbinger of happiness and success.



Expect days filled with happiness with your loved ones. You may also win unexpected sums of money.


Some of your deepest desires are doomed to fail. Try to be a bit more realistic.


You're likely suffering from low self-esteem. Try to uplift your spirits.


If you dream that you're eating them, prepare to face misfortune. But if you dream that they're alive, you're going to receive unexpected financial gains.


If you dream that you're eating fresh herring, expect happiness and joy. But if it's spoiled, expect to break up with your partner.


It portends of disappointments that will soon come from close friends. Be careful about who you trust to avoid being duped.