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What Can you Expect if you Dream of an Airplane?


The airplane is among the most common symbols in human dreams. If you dream of flying in an airplane, this could be a reflection of your fear of flying.

On the other hand, the presence of the flying craft in your dream can also be a sign of certain changes to come in your life. Below, you'll find out what you should keep in mind should you dream of an airplane.

- If you dream you're in an airplane and it's gaining altitude, expect successes in the professional aspect, such as a raise or a better job.

- If your the one who's piloting the plane, you're going to shine as a leader and earn the respect and recognition of those around you.

- If you dream of a crashing plane, be very careful. This symbol portends of trouble and losses. Expect the same if you dream of a burning plane before you.

- If you dream of a military plane, expect obstacles and hardship in your way.


- If you dream of being on the ground and are watching a plane fly in the sky, this is a good sign - soon your plans will become realized.

- If you dream of an airplane that is landing, be careful in your love relationships. You may be acting too frivolously and making your partner jealous.

- If you dream of riding in an airplane and there's a storm starting, it means you have unspoken fears. You have to find a way to free yourself of them.

- If you see yourself flying toward your dream destination, this is not a good omen. It indicates that you're going to be lied to or that your hopes are unjustified.


- If you dream you're at an airport waiting for your flight, it signifies you're going to find yourself at a crossroads in your life. It's going to be extremely difficult for you to decide which path to take.

- If you dream you're sending your partner off at the airport, this could be a sign that certain obstacles are going to appear in your relationship.