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What Dreams of Various Herbs and Spices Portend

Herbs in Dream

Undoubtedly, herbs and spices make our lives more aromatic and tasty. But what does it mean when we dream of them? In most cases, dreaming of herbs means that though you have certain anxieties, something good will come of them.

Poisonous herbs can warn that there's people around you who are intentionally trying to cause you harm. Herbs and spices in a dream can also mean that you have strong, loyal friendships and that you're doing all right financially in life.

Here's how to interpret your dream if it contains the following herbs and spices:

Basil in a dream

Dreaming of basil symbolizes kindness and love. If it's bloomed it means you'll enjoy family happiness. If it has no aroma it's warning of tragedy and turmoil that are coming to your life.

Ginger in a dream


Dreaming of ginger is a sign that you feel confident and satisfied with what you've achieved. It could also be warning that you have to spice up your life with a little more emotion.

Cumin in a dream

If you see cumin in your dream, this represents well-being. Something in which you've invested will pay off. It could also mean that you'll see an old friend that will come back into your life. Gathering cumin from the garden indicates that you need to focus more on your health.

Dill in a dream


Dill in your dream may symbolize your relationships to those who are most important to you. It's a sign that you may have to set aside more time for rest and relaxation along with those you love. If you're alone you may soon find your soul mate.

If you dream that you're seasoning your food with dill, be more careful with money. The smell of dill in a dream indicates that you'll succeed but with many difficulties along the way. If you're watering dill, your family may grow in size. If you're working in a garden overgrown with dill, your dreams will come true. Dried dill in a dream warns of troubles.

Coriander in a dream

Coriander in a dream signifies that you have a happy and stable life and enjoy good health. Coriander can also mean that you'll achieve success and be rewarded for your work.


Lavender in a dream

Lavender symbolizes happiness and success. If you dream of it, your life will improve significantly. The smell of lavender in a dream is a sign that you'll achieve success in everything that's important to you. Receiving lavender as a gift brings luck and new opportunities.

Chamomile in a dream

Dreaming of chamomile is a sign that you want to recover from traumatic events in your life. It foretells of change. If you're buying or picking chamomile in a dream it predicts disease. If you dream that you're drinking chamomile tea you're going to live a long and healthy life. Dreaming of walking in a field of chamomile symbolizes freedom from physical and emotional pain.


Parsley in a dream

Dreaming of parsley predicts that you'll reap successes and be well rewarded. Planting parsley may indicate that you'll give something up. If you're buying parsley in a dream you'll realize your dreams and if picking it - that you'll be healthy. If washing parsley in your dream, expect a happy family life.

Cotton thistle in a dream

If you prick yourself on cotton thistle in a dream, it means someone is jealous of you. If you dream of an entire field of cotton thistle, then prepare for many difficulties and tribulations.


Thyme in a dream

If you see thyme in a dream, you're going to enjoy a loving family and a good position in life. Cut off thyme is a sign that the stress and unrest may soon get in your way.

Mint in a dream

Dreaming of mint is usually a positive sign. If you're picking or using it, you'll enjoy good health. The smell of mint in a dream portends of getting rich quick.


Oregano in a dream

If you sense the aroma of oregano in a dream, you'll recover quickly from a disease. Planting oregano is a sign that you're going to have a child.

Rosemary in a dream

If you dream that someone is giving you rosemary, this means bad luck in the home. This spice can symbolize suffering, if a loved one abandons you. A blooming rosemary plant in a dream could mean that you'll soon have a marriage proposal.


Horseradish in a dream

If you dream of horseradish you're going to meet interesting and fun people. It may also mean that you'll have success very soon. If you're a woman and you see horseradish in your dream, someone is going to flirt with you. Eating horseradish may mean that you have a secret admirer.

Saffron in a dream

Dreaming of saffron may warn of misfortune or disease. It may also mean that you have enemies and ill-wishers.