What Will Happen to you if you Dream of a Rainbow?
Какво ще ти се случи, ако си сънувал дъга?
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What Will Happen to you if you Dream of a Rainbow?


A rainbow is one of the most alluring natural phenomena we can spot in the sky. It's no wonder that it finds presence in the paintings of young and old artists alike, as well as in the literary works of famous authors. The rainbow is a commonly occurring element in dreams, with its appearance usually interpreted as a harbinger of positive events.

- If you see a rainbow in your dream, expect professional successes and new material acquisitions. If there are several rainbows, your achievements will be even more mind-boggling than you had imagined.

- If you dream that you're passing under a rainbow, expect happy moments, having to do with unexpected financial proceeds. It's possible that you'll win a large sum of money from a lottery, obtain an inheritance or earn a promotion at the workplace.

- If you dream of a rainbow forming in the sky, this is a sign that your goals are on their way to realization but you have to show persistence and patience.

- If you've loaned money to someone and dream of a rainbow amidst a dark sky, don't expect the person to pay you back. If the rainbow is in a clear sky, it means they're going to thank you generously for the favor you've done them.

- A rainbow in gloomy weather could be a sign that you're not going to have good fortune in the coming days. After a dream like this, you're not advised to take any risky actions or to make big promises.


- Some dream interpreters also see the rainbow as a bridge between 2 people. So if you dream of one, expect success in love. If you have romantic feelings toward someone, it's likely that they'll respond to them. If, however, you feel lonely, you're going to meet a partner in life who's going to warm your heart.

- A dream with a rainbow may also be expressing changes in your personality and worldview. Sometimes it is seen as a sign that you're rediscovering yourself at the moment and conquering new horizons.

- The larger and more beautiful the rainbow which you dream of is, the greater the joys which life will soon serve you.

- A rainbow in a dream may also mean that you have unwarranted fears, which you'll soon be rid of.

- If you dream of a beautiful rainbow, something good is going to happen in your life. It typically foreshadows a wedding, pregnancy, accumulation of wealth.

- If you dream of a rainbow very close to your head, the dream portends of troubles and frustration.