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Did You Dream of a Horse? Heres Whats Going to Happen


The horse is among the most regal, graceful and magnificent animals that nature has created. In it we see the personification of freedom, hope, invincibility, change. This delightful creature has been mentioned in many songs, tales, stories and poems.

It is often depicted by sculptors, painters and other artists. But what does the horse symbolize in the dream? You can find out the answers to this question if you read this article.

- if you race freely with a horse and feel calm, success awaits you in work or another area of life;

Wild Horses

- if in your dream you see or hear a horse whistling, get ready to hear bad news or for someone to make you angry with what they have said about you;

- if you see a dead horse in your dream, one of your undertakings will fail or you will be disappointed by the behavior of a loved one. The same symbol can also be a sign that you will soon move to live in another settlement;

- if you are kicked by a horse in a dream, you will have a quarrel with superiors, colleagues or relatives. The same applies if it throws you off its back;

- if you dream that you are happy to see a horse, joyful events will happen in your life. Even if you're having problems now, they'll likely resolve faster than expected;


- if you dream of many horses running together, you will soon meet unexpected support. It is possible to acquire new business partners;

- if a loaded horse appears in your dream, you will have complex tasks to perform. You will have to show a lot of willpower to deal with them;

- a dream in which a horse passes by you without stopping may be a sign that someone will ignore you. It could be a friend or an intimate partner;

- if a horse suddenly approaches you in your dream, expect to hear good news soon;

Horse in a Dream

- if you see a beautiful horse in a dream with shiny hair on its hind legs, expect dizzying success;

- the color of the horse is also important in the dream. If the animal is black in color, the dream portends anger, if it is white - better days are coming. If the horse is gray, expect to inherit something soon. If the horse is brown in color, you are about to find a good job.