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Shoulder We be Afraid of Dreams about Graveyards?


Graveyards don't usually spark pleasant emotions, rather they are usually linked to despair, tears and fear. It's no surprise then for one to fall into a panic and worry if they should dream of graveyards. But dreams of graveyards don't always have negative portents. In fact they often foreshadow positive events. Here's how they're interpreted according to various interpreters and dream dictionaries.

A dream in which you see a graveyard is considered a sign of forthcoming prosperity. Something that you've been striving for will finally be within your grasp.

If in your dream you find yourself in a familiar graveyard out in the countryside, you're likely soon going to see a loved one or receive good news from them. You may go back to an ex or warm cooled relations with relatives. This dream could also be a sign that you're going to move to a home you had been living in previously.

A dream in which there is a row of graves present is one actually worth worrying about. These kinds of elements are usually a sign that you're going to have difficulties in real life. You're likely going to find yourself in a dead end and have need of others' help.

Dreaming of a graveyard can also be seen as a sign that you're going through severe distress that you're keeping hidden deep within. Share it with someone in order to finally feel relief.

If you're working hard toward a goal in real life and dream of a graveyard for no particular reason, it means you're going to achieve that goal.

If you see a deceased relative rising from their grave, the dream indicates that that person is keeping you out of trouble. This same dream could also be trying to tell you that you need to open your eyes to a particular truth.

If you dream of a deceased person laying in their grave, prepare to learn a big secret. It isn't necessarily going to be frightening or negative.

Should you see an open grave in your dream, be more responsible when it comes to your health and rest more. The dream portends that you may fall ill to disease.