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What it Means if you Dream of a Breakup

Jana G.Jana G.

Whenever you dream of a breakup with your beloved, this means that in reality both of you will be together for quite a long time. Your relationship will be incredibly strong and nothing will get in its way. The chance for marriage in due time is high.

If you dream that you don't stop crying while breaking up with your partner, this means that you will have many successes in love. If you are not in a relationship at the moment, such a dream signifies that very soon you will meet the love of your life.

If in your dream you break up with your beloved but do not cry and do not feel even the slightest regret, this portends that small unpleasantries await you in real life.


If the breakup with your darling takes place with lots of emotions, you feel great sorrow, this signifies that something truly delightful will happen to you in short order, that will be of significant import to you.

If in your dream you witness your sweetheart moving away from you, this means that you do not want to accept your relationship as it is in reality. At the same time, you don't dare to make even the smallest remark to the person by your side, out of fear of losing them.

If your partner is the one crying in your dream during the breakup, this shows that soon enough you will actually break up with them.


It is not necessary for the breakup to be permanent, it can be temporary due to a change in their or your workplace. A temporary separation can also be an opportunity to find out whether your love is truly strong.

If you're breaking up with your sweet in your dream and they are smiling, this portends that you will turn down a proposition which at first glance appears incredibly tempting. Once some time has passed, you will know that you have done the right thing.

If you dream that you're having an argument with the person you're breaking up with, this means that serious work awaits you, which will bring successes at the price of tremendous efforts. Many obstacles will get in the way of the road to success.

If in your dream you're breaking up with your partner but cling on to them while they try with all of their might to push you away, this is a sign that you have serious troubles related to work.