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What Does it Mean if you Dream of your Deceased Grandfather?

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Dreams of a passed away grandfather seek to warn the dreamer of upcoming troubles they can avoid. To best interpret the dream however, one must pay close attention to every little detail.

The grandfather is a symbol of manliness and the traditions we are expected to uphold.

When a woman dreams of her grandfather, this reveals her desire to find a serious and stable partner in love, with whom to build a solid and long-lasting relationship.

If a man dreams of his grandfather, the dream represents his fear of a possible failure in the love or sexual aspect, as well as his dependency on his parents or other circumstances that don't satisfy him.

The most fatal portent is a dream in which you are actually talking to your decreased grandfather. This is most often a harbinger of death of a close relative. This type of dream is also interpreted as a warning about serious trouble.

Grandpa and kid

In this case you need to carefully remember what your decreased grandfather is saying because his words could be advice on how to protect yourself from the worst possible fate.

Another symbol of death is considered to be the home of your dead grandfather.

If the deceased is giving you something in a dream, expect to soon receive news of an inheritance, most likely from a loved one.

A dream where your decreased grandfather is crying is not a good symbol and portends of failures soon to come, which will make you suffer a long time. But if he's smiling and looks happy, you too will feel good and be happy.

Quite frequently when we dream of our decreased grandfather he is surrounded by our relatives. Pay attention to their behavior as well, in order to interpret the dream.

If your relatives are dissatisfied you may face this dissatisfaction in real life as well.

If your passed away grandfather is doing something bad in a dream, he's warning you to watch out for that sort of act in real life - e.g. a theft, fraud, betrayal.

When your decreased grandfather is playing with his grandchildren in a dream, this means that you are trying to keep your entire family happy.

A dream where your decreased grandfather is silent predicts success in your tasks. But if you're trying to talk to him and he's not answering, you'll have problems.