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Does your Phone Number Coincide with your Goals?

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According to numerologists, the sum of the digits of your phone number can be the reason for a number of mishaps, but can also bring luck in your workplace and the activities you participate in.

To find out if the combination of numbers from your phone coincide with your goals, you must add them all together until you get a single digit number.

For example, if your number is 088 123 456 - 0+8+8+8+1+2+3+4+6=40, 4+0= 4.

Interpretation of the numbers:

1 - The number one is suited for active and energetic people, who take on leadership roles in the workplace. This number is favorable for politicians and those are developing their own business. But for those people are still studying and not yet working, 1 brings bad luck.


2 - Two is a number that predisposes a person to cooperation and harmony. It is ideal for people who work as part of a team because it can rally the separate members of the group. Additionally, 2 brings great fortune in love.

3 - Three is suitable for people who want to make it as actors, singers and TV hosts, because it brings great luck to famous people. It brings bad luck to those with professions of high responsibility, such as accountants and economists.

4 - The number four brings fortune to those who work in the field of health. In general, this number is associated with hard work and a serious attitude in the activities that you take part in.

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5 - Five symbolizes change, freedom and independence. It is appropriate for those who travel often or work in tourism.

6 - A telephone number, whose sum is six, is perfect for those who work as cashiers or personnel in restaurants and bars. Experts believe that 6 helps these people earn more money.

7 - Seven is lucky for those who deal in scientific endeavors. This number is fitting for intellectuals and rebels, but is extremely inappropriate for those seeking romance.

8 - Eight is the number of money and it is believed that it helps bring about financial gain. It is suited for those who work in finance.

9 - Nine is recommended only for strong and successful individuals, who have a solid and definitive complexion. For everyone else, 9 brings bad luck.