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The Meaning of Dreams We Have Most Often

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Analyses by American psychologist Ian Wallace reveal the precise meaning of the 9 most common dreams we have. His research has taken into account 150 000 dreams.

For 30 years, Wallace has been investigating the dreams of his patients and managed to find that 9 among them are most common. The psychologist has also determined their meaning.

You find an unused room

Rooms in a house are a symbol of different character traits. If you come upon a room, which you did not even know existed until then, and is unused, this means that there is a hidden talent in you.

Car crash

If you dream that you are unable to control your car, this signifies that you are unable to control the events in your life. Dreams of driving a car represent our abilities to handle the course of our own life.



If you're dreaming that you're flying, this shows that you've been able to free yourself from all obstacles or a great burden in your life.

You show up unprepared for a test

Tests in our dream portray our decisiveness in high stress situations. When we show up unprepared for a test in a dream, this reveals our abilities to handle a critical situation before us.

You're naked

Shy and emotionally vulnerable people are the ones most often experiencing dreams of being naked. A dream in which you are naked means that you need to be confident in your own abilities.


You need to go to the bathroom but can't find one

The meaning of this dream is beyond crystal clear - in real life you have needs that aren't satisfied.

Your teeth are falling out

Teeth in a dream are a symbol of self-confidence. If you dream that you have no teeth, it indicates that your self-esteem is low or that something in your daily life is causing you to underestimate yourself.

Someone is chasing you

Dreams where someone is chasing you mean that you have difficulties in real life that you don't know how to handle.