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What Kind of Love Thrills Await you if you Dream of a Rose?

Red Rose

Flowers are symbolic and roses are no exception. Red roses, for example, are linked to love, passion, admiration. In dreams, roses also have their own significance, one that is usually associated with romantic experiences. Read on to find out how they're most often interpreted.

A rose that's lost its freshness in a dream is a sign that you're going to have difficulties with your partner. The passion between you has likely begun to fade. If the rose is broken, this is a sign of your upcoming breakup with your partner.

If you dream of receiving a rose, you're going to learn that you have a new admirer in real life.

If you see a white rose in your dream, someone's going to make you a nice surprise. The same flower may symbolize the sincere and pure feelings someone has toward you.

Should you dream of a pink rose, know that you have a big admirer but that they are very anxious about showing their love toward you.

A red baby rose indicates that you've a very emotional love relationship on the horizon. You're going to remember this romance.

Black Rose

A black rose in a dream portends of troubles and love disappointments.

If you dream of a yellow rose, your love is going to be darkened by jealousy.

A creamy rose in your dream predicts that someone is going to reject your romantic feelings.

If in your dream you see yourself picking roses, you're going to hear good news. It's possible that someone within your social circle is going to get married.

If you dream of a budding rose, your love trepidations are at an end. A new romance will warm your heart.

If you see a very thorny rose, you're going to have fight hard in order to maintain your relationship.



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