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Dreams of Hell and the Abyss

Jana G.Jana G.

Even though no one really knows how Hell looks like, paintings and literary works often depict it as having raging fires, demons and frightening scenes.

All of these things can appear in our dreams and cause us serious worries about what they mean. Don't worry though, if you dream of Hell, this means you can expect successes and a peaceful life ahead.

But if you dream of a horrifying devil headed straight for you, this means that unpleasant things are in store for you at work, brought on by a person you thought was your friend until now.

If you dream that you enter into hell but then get out of it completely unharmed, this means that brief complications are awaiting you in your love life, which will quickly pass.

If you enter hell and get the feeling that you're not going to be getting out of there anytime soon, this portends of an unexpected delivery from a danger brooding over you.


If you dream you're in hell and being tortured by fire, this is a sign that you're going to have to change your attitude toward loved ones. If you're surrounded by loved ones in hell, this means you'll be able to get past a number of obstacles thanks to their support.

If you see imps or little demons on in your dream that are smiling at you, this means that joyous adventures await you. If you dream of several demons dragging you to hell against your will, while you're trying to fight back, this indicates you have an adversary at work, whom you don't suspect.

If you dream of yourself in hell and see your parents there as well, this is a sign that you have some predicaments ahead that will be quite difficult for you to get out of. If you see your brother or sister in hell, this signifies that you're flustered about what's going on with loved ones that you haven't been on good terms with lately.

If you dream you're in hell and feel good there, this means that in real life you're feeling pangs of guilt about something bad you've done recently. If you manage to get out of hell, along with your loved ones, this signifies serious financial support from a friend.