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Meaning of the Different Dog Breeds in Dreams


Dreams with dogs have various interpretations. For example, a dog wagging its tail happily in your dream is seen as a harbinger of good news, a wedding, financial gains. If you dream of a small yard dog, the interpretation is exactly the opposite - it is a sign of family troubles.

Dreams where you're being chased by aggressive dogs indicate that you're soon going to have to face your enemies or that you're going to hear something negative about you. A dream such as this could be a sign that someone is trying to take over your position at work or undermine your authority in front of loved ones.

German Shepherd

If, on the other hand, you're playing with a dog in your dream and enjoying it, you're going to soon experience fun moments and the number of friends you have will likely increase.

Of course, when interpreting dreams with dogs, we have to keep in mind their breed, if it's possible to determine in said dream. Read on to find out the interpretations of some of the more popular dog breeds that appear in dreams.

1. Dalmatian

If you see this type of dog in your dream, expect fun moments, gatherings with friends and celebrations in the coming days. Just be careful because an overly intensive social life may wear you out.

2. Pit Bull

If a pit bull is attacking you in your dream or trying to bite you, it's a sign that someone among your friends or relatives is going to back-stab you. Be wary and trust no one. If, though, you dream of playing with this breed of dog, it's a hint that you have some kind of issues and fears that you're keeping buried deep inside.

3. German Shepherd


Should you dream of a dog of this breed chasing you, you're soon going to bump heads with someone. If the dog attacks you, you're going to lose an argument or be insulted.

4. Sighthound

If you're playing with a sighthound in your dream, you're going to come up with a cunning way to reach your goals. If you're being chased or attacked by a sighthound, you may end up having financial difficulties. It's possible that individuals who have lent you money will want to be paid back now.

5. Rottweiler

If playing with a Rottweiler, you're going to strike up a real friendship with someone who you've disliked before. If a Rottweiler attacks you in your dream, it reveals that you have fears that you must overcome as soon as possible.

6. Dachshund

Realize the plans that you have sooner and with more courage. Otherwise, it may be too late to do so later on.

7. German Spitz

Someone is going to fall in love with you, while you play with their emotions. If you're in a relationship, this dream could signify that you're going to cheat on your partner.