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What Does it Mean if You Dream of Mice and Rats?

Mice in a dream

Both mice and rats, when dreamed of, reveal information about false friends and enemies, or portend troubles and misfortune.

At the same time mice in a dream can reveal the quality of a couple's relationship. In general, rodents are considered suffering animals and for this reason, the person in whose dream such a symbol appears may feel tested, manipulated, victims of events or persons.

In Arab culture, the mouse is a symbol of home, but also of prosperity, because it is said that these rodents congregate only in rich houses. Also, the ancient Arabs believed that rats in a dream foretell a journey or a change of residence.

Let's find out more about mice and rat dreams!

If you dream of a rat in the house, this is a bad sign that predicts quarrels.

If you dream of mice, it means that your relatives or close friends are talking behind your back.

Rats and mice in a dream

If you dream of a mouse or rat stealing furniture or household items, this is a sign that you will lose a lot of money or that you will be hurt by someone very close to you.

If you dream that a mouse or rat is walking on the table, this is a sign that the financial stability of your home is in danger. Try to plan your budget better and not borrow money.

If in a dream you see mice or rats entering through your window, it means that your neighbors are speaking badly of you and are keeping an eye on your household.

If you dream of mice or rats running to the door, it means that you can have unexpected visits from people you don't like.

If you dream that you are surrounded by mice, then this is a clear sign that there are false friends around you. If you are surrounded by rats in your dream, there is a risk that your partner will cheat on you.

If you catch mice or rats in your dream, it is a good sign, letting you know, that you have escaped misfortunes in your life and that you are on a smooth path.

If in a dream you are afraid of a mouse, it means that in reality you can be put in an embarrassing or uncomfortable situation.

If white mice appear in your dream, they symbolize a wedding.

If you dream that you are killing a mouse, then you carry inner guilt. You feel guilty for a ruined relationship, for the pain you caused your partner.