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See What`s Coming if you Dream of Clouds

Lay on Cloud

Clouds are a natural phenomenon that can inspire awe, as well as fear. Their occurrence in our dreams also induce contrasting emotions and are interpreted in different ways. Sometimes this element is a sign of troubles to come but at other times clouds are a harbinger of good news as well.

- If you dream that you're looking at clouds flying quickly across the sky, don't worry. They're a sign that if you've been having troubles, your problems are on their way to being resolved.

- Beautiful clouds in an azure sky in a dream indicate that you're soon going to gain important insight or that life is going to teach you a valuable lesson that's going to change your worldview.

- Cirrus clouds in a dream foretell of professional successes that you're going to have to work quite hard for.

- If you dream of large, black and frightening clouds, then you definitely have reason to worry. Even if at the moment everything in your life seems calm, something is going to go wrong soon and cause you a ton of frustration.

- Small white clouds in a dream shouldn't worry you. They foreshadow insubstantial concerns that will pass quicker than expected.

- If you dream that you're in a lush meadow or other beautiful area and suddenly see a cloud in the sky, this is a sign that something is going to darken your mood soon. Perhaps a loved one is going to disappoint you with their behavior.

- If you dream that there's a gigantic white cloud overhead and feel fear, then someone is hiding a truth from you in real life and lying to you blatantly.

- If you dream of fluffy and beautiful clouds that prompt happiness within you, your goals will soon be realized.


- If you dream that you're up on a cloud, expect good news and joyous moments.

- Colorful clouds in a dream (as long as they're not black) are harbingers of good news. If a woman dreams of a pink or red cloud, she is soon going to have a child.

- A dark cloud in a stormy sky is a sign that you have to be very cautious. There's a danger of you getting in an accident.

- If you see a cloud, followed by rain, know that someone is going to anger you soon and bring you to tears with their behavior.