Talismans of the Earth signsTalismans of the Earth signs
18 Dec.
. The stones to bring good luck to them as talismans are agate, rock crystal, moonstone, jade, tiger's eye. 3rd to January 13 Capricorns are born, influenced by Mars. These are people who like to sit at home and prefer...
How do the Fire Signs Flirt?How do the Fire Signs Flirt?
06 Nov.
When they flirt, representatives of the different zodiac signs act in a way that is different from the other signs. Representatives of the fire zodiac element flirt energetically and aggressively. As a whole, the...
What the Zodiac Signs Should Expect in the Year of the Fire MonkeyWhat the Zodiac Signs Should Expect in the Year of the Fire Monkey
08 Feb.
On February 7th going into the 8th we said goodbye to the Year of the Wood Goat and brought in the Year of the Fire Monkey. See what fortune has in store for you this year, according to the Chinese calendar. Rat...
Talismans by Star SignTalismans by Star Sign
07 Jan.
is your mascot. Talismans for Aries, are subject to fire and gold. Another option are mascots in yellow and orange. For this sign, appropriate talismans are in the shape of a square, or suitable objects that...
The Romantic Zodiac SignsThe Romantic Zodiac Signs
14 Mar.
Pisces, Libra and Taurus are considered to be the most romantic zodiac signs. They're practically off the charts when it comes to romance. Pisces are elegant romancers to their very bones. Dedicated and...
The car is a feng shui talismanThe car is a feng shui talisman
17 Mar.
, disrupt the protective functions of feng shui talisman. Warning signs such as "child in the car, " "Keep your distance" enhance security. Cars that have a low back and only two doors, inspire a sense of uncertainty to...
The Most Popular Good Luck Talismans from Around the WorldThe Most Popular Good Luck Talismans from Around the World
11 Dec.
People all over the world believe that 4-leaf clovers and horseshoes bring tremendous luck but the different nations worldwide also have their own signature talismans, which they believe attract happiness...
The proudest star signsThe proudest star signs
05 Jan.
, like cancer, would be offended at bad attitudes being pointed towards them, when based on ethnicity. Cancer would be offended much more if you damage the reputation of their family. Both signs are unwilling to accept insults, which would challenge their families for their dedication and devotion to home and family....
The Vengeful Zodiac SignsThe Vengeful Zodiac Signs
18 Feb.
No one likes to hear about the bad sides of their character. But it's a fact that they exist. Let's find out who the most terrible avengers in the zodiac are. Gemini are among the most bellicose zodiac signs. If...
The Upcoming 2017 is the Year of the Fire RoosterThe Upcoming 2017 is the Year of the Fire Rooster
12 Dec.
According to the Chinese calendar, the upcoming 2017 falls under the patronage of the Fire Rooster. This will bring warmth and comfort in the family but we're also going to have to rethink some of our life's decisions...
Diets for the Water SignsDiets for the Water Signs
05 Mar.
. The diet for Scorpio is strictly individual and unique for this zodiac sign. During the first day, eat 3 cups of yoghurt and drink as much water as you like. On the second day, drink 8 1/3 cups (2 L) of freshly...
The 3 Loner Zodiac SignsThe 3 Loner Zodiac Signs
25 Nov.
loners. Gemini Zodiac Sign Gemini are among the most interesting and attractive zodiac signs to everyone else but they face the highest risk of being alone. Even though they are extremely charming and know how...
Taurus and the Other SignsTaurus and the Other Signs
19 Feb.
Libra but his sense of possessiveness can become a reason for many disputes. Scorpio and Taurus are a couple that will feel good together and will therefore fight to maintain their love and passion. The 2 signs are...
The 3 Naivest Zodiac SignsThe 3 Naivest Zodiac Signs
11 Feb.
completely made up stories and empty promises, without even trying to analyze what they're being told. Pisces Pisces are the biggest dreamers among the zodiac signs and all it takes is for someone to trick them...
The Most Indecisive Zodiac SignsThe Most Indecisive Zodiac Signs
11 Feb.
The representatives of the various zodiac signs have fundamentally different characters. Some of them stand out with unbelievable boldness, others simply follow fate itself and never dare step outside the beaten...

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