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The Dark Side of the Sign of Sagittarius

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Every zodiac sign has positive and negative sides to its character and although we'd all prefer to be linked primarily to the positive, instead of the negative characteristics, we can't deny that we possess both.

The dark side of the sign of Sagittarius is revealed when they're ashamed of their shortcomings and focus on their positive sides instead, demonstrating them with tremendous arrogance.

They use the weaker people around them to make themselves feel stronger, more capable and to fill the gaps in their self-confidence by pointing out their vulnerabilities.

Sagittarius often stares mockingly when he encounters a view point that differs from his own. He thinks the people around him to be complete idiots and imposes his views without any care for the feelings of others.

And if he is unable to convince you on the issue after long hours of lectures, Sagittarius's low manifestation will throw irony and sarcasm at your beliefs. He'll make jokes at you and poke fun at your way of life.

He doesn't care in the least what kinds of feelings his words induce, as long as they've been said at the right place and time, and he will glow with pride later, claiming that he's told nothing but the truth, without actually knowing the whole truth about the person he's ridiculed.


Sagittarius's negative side has another form of manifestation. Besides acting like a complete know-it-all who treats those around him like morons, when a Sagittarius finds himself lacking a healthy self-confidence, he begins pursuing a higher status in society.

He turns into an opportunist and suck-up as soon as he finds out that he can gain something from you. He pushes and shoves among upper circles, aiming to communicate only with the cream of society's crop, in order to increase his own self-worth.

He's capable of anything in order to climb the social ladder, essentially becoming a social chameleon, transforming into exactly what he likes, as long as that would bring benefit.

He discusses the personal lives of others in front of everyone listening, while revealing subjects which should be kept private, all to have a laugh and again boost his otherwise non-existing confidence.

When in this low point, Sagittarius becomes a unique waster - he surrounds himself with expensive possessions, buys expensive food and demonstrates a luxurious way of life by traveling to exotic destinations, convinced that upscale spending is the only way to make up for his low self-respect and win others' love.