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Taurus Horoscope in the Year of the Fire Monkey

Antonia R.Antonia R.

The Year of the Fire Monkey will be excellent for your financial status but only if you work diligently. Your work will be noticed and generously rewarded.

Your career and business undertakings will be the most important subject for you throughout all of 2016. In comparison to last year, when your future in your profession and in your finances seemed uncertain and unclear, this year you'll be more successful in both of these fields.

But the challenges at work will significantly constrain your freedom. You'll feel simultaneously like a leader in the group and a prisoner, burdened with the greatest of responsibilities.

The best periods will be spring and summer, when opportunities for triumph and realizing your goals will open up, thanks to which you'll drastically improve your financial state.

The Year of the Fire Monkey will be one of crisis for your friendships. It's possible that a lie or betrayal end years'-long relationships or you are unpleasantly taken aback by the behavior of a person you had until recently considered close to you.

Over the course of the year you'll avoid contact with friends, preferring the comfort of the home setting. Stay away from gossip and drama because there's a high possibility you'll get hurt.

Regardless if you start rumors, simply spread them or are the victim of such, they are not to be underestimated in 2016.

Fire Monkey

The months of April, November and December are especially looking like they're going to present severe hardships. You'll have to get a rein on your sensitive side then and take criticism a little more smoothly.

For non-singles, the year will be one of clarification. Emotions you had been covering up until now will rise to the surface. It's time to openly talk about your fears because if you don't discuss your problems now, they will only worsen in the future.

Don't worry if your relationship is getting off the beaten track but also don't be too harsh with your partner, so you don't regret it afterward. Conflicts are on the horizon at the beginning of fall, when you'll be more irritable and volatile.

Singles have good chances of finding the right person during July, August and October. Secrecy will be detrimental to your new relationship but if you're sincere from the very beginning, your relations will develop perfectly in the future.