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Libra Horoscope in the Year of the Fire Monkey

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Your successes this year lie in communication and travels, especially abroad. You have excellent opportunities for growth if you rely on your contacts.

Don't avoid any assignment that seems overly complex because you'll earn the desired promotion thanks to the greater responsibilities you take on. You'll also enjoy solid earnings this year if you're not lazy.

It looks like great hardships are in store in March and August, when emotions will cloud your judgment. With more tact and tolerance toward others' opinions and decisions you'll overcome the difficulties.

Try to meet all deadlines in 2016 and limit your money spending in months of crisis. Even though you love buying new and beautiful things, this year you're going to have to be more penny-wise so you don't sink into debt.

Also be careful with illusions and fantasies, especially when it comes to love issues because you might be fooling yourself.

As a whole, the year will solidify your self-esteem and optimism. Apply your ideas and forget about your prejudices. This year you have a chance to finish your projects and quit unhealthy habits.

Opportunities for professional successes will emerge during the 1st half of the year but it will depend entirely on you whether you realize them. Don't pay any mind to others' opinions because there may be people around you who simply envy you.

Fire Monkey

The 2nd half of the year will tempt you with deals that are not honest and will be at the expense of someone's inattention. It's better not to get involved in these types of machinations because you'll lose a lot.

In the Year of the Fire Monkey you'll rely primarily on efficient work, not on innovative work. Activities related to medicine, health, food and exercise will be successful.

This year will be a challenge for all those in a relationship. All secrets will rise to the surface and you'll have to solve the problems out in the open. From the very beginning of the year it'll be clearly evident that your relations aren't as they were before and a change is required.

But this change needs to begin with you, with you standing up against your fears. Your panic regarding the truths you hide about yourself might be severe but after you share you'll feel genuine relief.

Opportunities for relationships will appear before singles, as long as they don't act too hastily. Don't ignore the other person's feelings just to indulge yourself and don't idealize people you hardly know.