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The Dark Side of the Sign of Virgo

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Every zodiac sign has positive and negative sides to its character and although we'd all prefer to be linked primarily to the positive, instead of the negative characteristics, we can't deny that we possess both.

The dark side of Virgo manifests when her inborn need for order and coherence turns into perfectionism. In her pursuit of perfection, she turns into a heartless critic who points out only the flaws of others.

You'll know if a Virgo is in her low element if you start talking to her about something spiritual that has no logic whatsoever. They'll get irritated and send a whirlwind of words at you.

And while most people think that Virgos see the imperfections in others alone, they can actually be 300 times harsher on themselves. They know perfectly well what their weaknesses are and delve into them, analyzing every single little element.

That is why they're jittery, have low self esteem and are extremely anxious. Once you start talking about their shortcomings, they're going to react as if you've poured boiling water over them, since they find it difficult to talk about painful subjects.

From the sidelines, it may even look as if the person who's constantly criticizing others around them can't even bear to hear a couple negative things about their own selves.


Falling into extreme negativity, Virgos focus hard on the bad. For example, if you give them 10 compliments and 1 reproach, they'll remember the reproach and start to analyze it until they find the logic in your words, letting all the good things you've said or done to them take a back seat.

In their dark side, Virgos transform into hypochondriacs - constantly worried that they're going to get sick somehow. They obsess over cleanliness and turn into maniacs that sanitize their hands every 5 min. with antibacterial wipes.

When at their low point, Virgos label themselves as saviors and decide that they can fix not only their life but those of others as well, by following specific criteria and living within definitive bounds.

They stick their head where no one asks them to and are incapable of turning someone down for a favor, whereby they drive themselves to complete exhaustion, sacrifice their own time for nothing, in this way turning their life into a never-ending job and pursuing an imaginative ideal that they'll never reach because it simply does not exist.