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What the Zodiac Signs Should Expect in the Year of the Fire Monkey

Antonia R.Antonia R.
Chinese Zodiac

On February 7th going into the 8th we said goodbye to the Year of the Wood Goat and brought in the Year of the Fire Monkey. See what fortune has in store for you this year, according to the Chinese calendar.

Rat - Work brings you extra money

This year your hard work will pay off double. Your intellect and opportunities available will allow you to keep moving forward in your career. If you have to stay after work, don't complain because this will bring you substantial profit. In love you'll have to make more compromises in order to maintain your relationship.

Ox - Enjoy the little things

The year will bring you more confidence and the peace of mind you've long been waiting for. Your relationships with coworkers, as well as with loved ones at home, will be harmonious. Appreciate the little things that life serves up this year. Don't be overly ambitious, instead relax and have fun. Romance will accompany you throughout the entire year, while singles may find their soul mate.

Red Monkey

Tiger - You have to fight for your dreams

You'll find no shortage of opportunities this year, although with them come great challenges as well. You'll have to prove how much your goals mean to you, while the more persistent will make their dreams reality. Progress will come gradually and you'll reach the top only if you fight for it. Huge twists and turns lie ahead in love. Disappointments and difficulties for non-singles await. Singles will find a partner if they're more initiative.

Rabbit - Expect parties and better income

Expect great profits in 2016. If you've longed for a raise this year you'll finally get it. Expect lots of parties as well. You'll feel full of energy and participate in various social events more often. Those in a serious relationship will be facing a crisis because of their never-ending arguments. A breakup and start of a new relationship is possible.

Dragon - You'll fight the competition

If you use your talents, the year will keep getting better and better for you. Follow your ideas, no matter how nonstandard they may seem. At work you'll face competition and if you would like a raise you'll have to prove that you're better than your competitors. Old misunderstandings will rock the love boat. Singles will meet the right partner but if they hesitate they'll miss their chance for a serious relationship.

Snake - Be cautious with money

Even if the year doesn't start off the best way possible, you have to have faith in order to handle the hardships. You won't be lacking enthusiasm to realize your goals but you'll also face quite a few obstacles. Don't make big purchases and investments so you don't fall into debt, especially at the beginning of the year. Huge changes are coming in love. Conflicts will flare up often for those in a relationship. Singles will find the love of their life after traveling or matchmaking.


Horse - Set aside time for a break

2016 will be a steady year for you and you'll have more opportunities for a break. Don't spend money needlessly and before you make a large-scale purchase think about whether you really need it. You'll often feel tense, especially at work, so be sure to set aside enough time for sleep and relaxation. Singles have the opportunity to truly fall in love if they are bolder. Non-singles will have to make more compromises with their partner.

Goat - Your perseverance will reward you

You may realize a great many of your projects this year. As long as you're more precise you won't have huge problems in the financial aspect. If you persevere you'll achieve positive changes in your professional development but you'll only be able to enjoy the end results of your hard work as the year draws to a close. Your romantic relationship will enjoy a harmonious year, while singles will find a new love.

Monkey - Be wary, in order to avoid problems

Don't expect everything to go smoothly, even though the rising sign corresponds to your year of birth. There is a great danger of losses - of money, home, car, job. Be on the lookout this year, in order to protect yourself from troubles. You have opportunities for enhancing your qualifications and education, ones you need to take advantage of. You can fully count on your sweetheart in the difficult times. Singles will meet a new partner with whom they'll enjoy an emotional and dynamic relationship.

Rooster - Your life will change completely


This year you have the opportunity to completely change your life. During the 1st half of the year, take another look at your goals and take the road less traveled. Look for new challenges and say goodbye to boredom. There won't be any shortage of conflicts with your partner but you'll be able to resolve these with more common sense and less emotionality. The year is suitable for a new relationship, conceiving a child or marriage.

Dog - An emotional and memorable year to come

In 2016 you'll pile on memories for the rest of your life. Powerful and emotional moments await, especially during spring of this year. The further this year progresses, the less obstacles you'll find before you. Many love flings await singles, all unexpected too. Non-singles will be given the chance to get their relationship moving if they get out of the routine.

Pig - You'll forge new contacts

You'll create many new contacts during the Year of the Fire Monkey. You now have the complete freedom to act, should you so choose. You have opportunities for growth but you shouldn't forget others - help them if you can. You'll easily charm the opposite sex, leading to passion and romance all year.