Talismans by Star Sign

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Zodiac Signs

A Talisman is an object that brings good luck, but must be chosen with caution. It should be suitable for your type of energy.

If it happens that you desire an object without explanation, it is most likely that this is your mascot.

Talismans for Aries, are subject to fire and gold. Another option are mascots in yellow and orange. For this sign, appropriate talismans are in the shape of a square, or suitable objects that symbolize the arms and victory.

Taurus needs their talisman in the shape of a bull, unless it is ivory. Suitable for Taurus, is a talisman made of copper. Red talismans should be avoided.

Talismans by Star Sign

Geminis need associative mascots, for example a key, mask, book, pen. Purple, blue and gray are appropriate for talismans, but green should be avoided.

Cancerians need gentle charms in the shape of the moon or crescent, or a silver object with feathers. The colors of water are suitable for this sign.

The lion symbolizes strength, therefore Leo will need a strong subject, an antique would be best for example, antique coin, medal, ring, gemstone. Images of a lion and eagle are also good. Talismans in red and purple are suitable for Leo.

Virgo needs a talisman in the shape of an owl. Preferred materials would be clay or gypsum. A paper butterfly in green or white brings good fortune to the Virgo.

Talisman for Libra should symbolize harmony. A silver pendant in the shape of scales, or any pretty little thing that pleases the eye would be a suitable talisman for Libra.

Scorpio needs a mascot in the shape of a frog, because it symbolizes water, and it gives strength to Scorpio. Representatives of this sign can be given strength by a charm in the shape of a weapon.

Sagittarius needs a talisman in the shape of the scarab or phoenix. Anything related to horses - horseshoe, horse figurines, will bring luck to Sagittarius.

A lucky talisman for Capricorn should be an object in the shape of a turtle. Coins, statues of various shapes and medallions, possibly ancient, are suitable for becoming a talisman to a Capricorn.

For Aquarius, it is best to have a talisman in the form of an angel. Wings of a bird, plane or anything related to air and the colours green, blue or purple bring luck to Aquarius.

Pisces is the talisman of everything related to water. Corals, jellyfish, images of fish and sea creatures in all sorts of green, blue and purple will bring peace and happiness of the Pisces.



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