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Chiron in the Signs: the Strengths and Weaknesses of Your Sign!

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Chiron - the planet or asteroid that has drawn the attention of scientists for years - determines the greatest imperfections in each of us. Its position between Saturn and Uranus has been seen as unnatural but also brings solutions to the problems within us.

It is Chiron's orbit that has led to astronomers calling it a planet. It crosses the orbits of Saturn and Uranus and has cemented its place in astrology as well. Its position in the star chart has an effect on the Houses of the zodiac signs also.

Chiron forms aspects with the planets and influences their characteristics. It often causes an unexpected about-face not just in the life of a given person but also in the development of events on the national and planetary level.

The celestial body reveals things that people find difficult to realize actually exist. These are our inner fears and inhibitions. If we can overcome them, even seemingly dead-end situations will become easy to work out. What Chiron has to say about your zodiac sign, find out below.


1. Chiron in Aries

Your life is a ceaseless search of a goal and identity. You are a bold innovator. Whenever you're not exceptionally active, you get anxious. Limitations drive you crazy. You demand answers to your questions at all costs. You resonate with the aspect of the warrior/healer Chiron. To feel good, you need to take this power and use it wisely in your life.

2. Chiron in Taurus

What is permanent and fleeting, what is right and wrong - it is your mission in life to discover the answers. You're not an innovator, you try to retain your values. That is your gift. If you find a way to keep what's important, you'll be happy. You have the unique ability to deal well with limited resources.

3. Chiron in Gemini

Life and new experiences provide you a sense of worth. The greatest challenge before you is to find new methods of perception and integration. A true teacher and communicator, your mission is to understand the thinking patterns of your culture. Once you realize that the way you think shapes the reality you're experiencing, everything will work out. Consciously change your thinking patterns and you'll be able to get everything you desire.

4. Chiron in Cancer

Your connection with the past and your ancestors is particularly strongly expressed. This has to do with your deeply ingrained fear of the current crisis on Earth, as well as the lack of security in today's society. Chiron provokes you to realize the power that you possess. You're capable of creating your own security - you just need to find the key points to share with others. To achieve this, you need to free yourself of the fear of insecurity. Your free will is exceptionally strong.

5. Chiron in Leo

Creativity and happiness - these will allow you identify your real desires. Your ego and soul are often locked in a power struggle. The more creative you are, the more your ego rises, which in turn decreases the flow of inspiration. Your personality and ego are just mediums for inspiration, which is on a much higher level. You cannot destroy the ego without gaining the ability to deal with the pure energy of Uranus. Chiron demands that you identify your goal as clearly as possible and through respect for the reactive process begin the process of realizing it. If you manage to get your willpower close to the cosmic resonance, you're not going to have any problems.

6. Chiron in Virgo


The planet-asteroid passes through Virgo during just 20 months out of every 15 years. This makes its energy especially intensive. Careful and demanding by nature, you are a controlling workaholic. You relax when you earn the skill and know-how you believe you should have. But in order to have the energy run freely you also need to learn to feel comfortable with the unpredictability of the workings and actions of Uranus's energy. You tend to often oppose it because it seems disruptive, unpredictable and sometimes indecipherable to you. Only when you accept this influence with an air of calm will you realize the kind of exceptional healing talent you possess and turn into a warrior-healer.

7. Chiron in Libra

You surround yourself with many people. For you, who you are depends on others' assessment. The mirror reflection of relations is that which drives you toward finding balance. You feel an organic intolerance toward injustice that's bordering on hatred. You always want to be clear about whether something is just or not. You feel it a personal mission to balance situations. Chiron demands that you devote yourself to this process. If you do, you're going to feel healed.

8. Chiron in Scorpio

You are an incarnation of transformation and evolution. The former comes from Chiron. The combination leads to deep evolutionary changes, which will push you down the path of restoration and rebirth. Life often leaves you with life and death choices. Frequently, you stand face-to-face with death and deep personal losses, especially around your 30th birthday. You seek passion in life because it is the only thing that keeps the flame of life burning. These particular individuals oftentimes remember their past reincarnations on Earth. You're attracted to cultures that understand the things you're talking about. The key to healing lies in the recognition of power. Give your strengths freedom of expression and do not suppress them under any circumstance, as this could lead to serious health problems.

9. Chiron in Sagittarius

Transformation and integration - this is the motto of your life. Your higher self or essence of soul need to be as clear as an image in your mind. You're like a teacher of higher knowledge. This leads you to spiritual pursuits and awareness of many paths in your desire to express this wisdom. At the end of the road you're going to realize that everything you've been seeking has been within you all along. This will lead you to halt the search for knowledge in the world and listen to your own heart. But healing does not come by the answers found, even though they are important. It begins with the integration of the Kundalini electrical energy. The mind will lead you to the point where you must make a leap of faith and trust in your inner self to guide you.


10. Chiron in Capricorn

A karmic problem is preventing you from achieving success in your desires. Chiron will help you in the journey to overcome it. It incites you to find the balance between success and care for others. Even very early on you may achieve a lot but only if you don't become too prideful and haughty over your achievements. Never lose the hope that you'll achieve your goal. You work hard, are motivated but should also make room for happiness and a sense of humor in your life. It's vitally important to learn to listen to others and admit that there's alternative paths to success that differ from your own. If you don't, even if you reach the top, there won't be anyone to acknowledge you and you're going to feel alone.

11. Chiron in Aquarius

Your challenge in life is to be more down-to-earth. You're naturally resonating with the galactic harmonic vibrations and expressing a high level of idealism. You're gifted with the ability to built a bridge the structure of Saturn and electrical energy of Uranus, called Kundalini in the physical body. The absence of idealism in the culture you were born into disappoints you. The more this feeling grows, the more isolated you become. To begin Chiron's healing, it's important to learn to value learning by doing, as well as to train your patience. To awaken your highest form of consciousness you must balance idealism and practicality.

12. Chiron in Pisces

Your journey leads you toward achieving a connection with the divine. Since birth you've been strongly attuned to the subtle energies and you may have a much different definition of the term "reality" in comparison to others. You simply dance to the rhythm of Space. Your sensitivity makes you vulnerable to astral influences. You need to simply acknowledge their existence and not succumb to negativity, for if you do you'll become vulnerable to astral individuals who may attach themselves to you, making it difficult for you to free yourself of them. If this happens, you're going to need help.

Spontaneous experiences aren't something that you need - you carry with you the ideal for a cosmic harmony on Earth. Chiron is an excellent tool that will help you feel the heart of the Universe. Its challenge for you is for you to have patience and tolerance toward those who do not possess the same insight that you do and who are slaves to their fear and limitations. They may never accept your ideas due to the fear arising from what they've seen in life. Open your heart to them.