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The Drama Queen Signs of the Zodiac

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Naturally, there is a little innate evil in each one of us. In some, it never comes to the fore. However, in others, it may prevail and dominate the person's whole essence. And no matter how unpleasant it may be, here we will list those signs of the zodiac that are capable of committing treacherous and dishonest acts throughout their life. This does not mean that every representative of these particular zodiac signs is that way, but simply shows those people with an inborn tendency for it and you should therefore not be surprised if they are nothing less than huge drama queens by nature.

And the winners of the title of the most treacherous drama queens are: Leo and Virgo.


Leo (23 July - 22 August) - The kingly zodiac sign in general represents controlling and dominant characters. But we can't all be kings, let alone at the same time. Even so, Leos almost always stand at the head of something - whether it's the family, a company or something else.

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Besides having a calling for rulership, they also have one for love. But everything stops there, because due to their inborn sense of supremacy, if someone were to make the foolish mistake of bowing down to them, they change beyond recognition. They become exceptionally sad, and the world becomes the stage for their drama.

To get rid of the opponent, that's getting in the way of the wholeness of their world, they use all of their efforts to inflict harm. Their theatricality and impulsiveness wreck everything. At such times, it is not a good idea to stand in their way, since they will use every ounce of strength, and even the most covert means to strike at their opponent.


Virgo (23 August - 22 September) - Virgos are laden with wonderful qualities, such as intellect, observation and logical thinking. They are perfectionists and do things the way they need to be done. It is indeed these positive traits that help them in life. They are careerists to their bones, but along with this - they are indescribable drama queens.

Virgos appreciate others, while they themselves have all sorts of interests. Because of their overly extensive criteria for having significance, they often demand perfectionism from their own selves, as well as in their profession and job.

Often they ignore family relations at the cost of the aforementioned. Despite this, these aspirations to reach their goals at any cost have led many Virgo sign representatives to achieve remarkably high results in their chosen field. But at what cost?

The most outspoken drama queen, representative of Virgo, was Cardinal Richelieu. Due to the nature of his persona, we must think about the sophisticated and complex network of schemes that these types of personalities are capable of weaving. Outwardly calm and smiling, the analytic nature, cold-bloodedness and desire for self-perfection make the Virgo one of the most dangerous signs of the zodiac.