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How to Read the Signs of Fate

Nina NordNina Nord

Almost every one of us has witnessed the phenomenon of a chain reaction at least once in our life. A strange event, leading to a series of changes, which change our fate.

But how do we read the signs, which fate sends us? Among the well-known phenomena in this regard are the slippers of Laplace. The famous French mathematician and astronomer Pierre-Simon Laplace discovered a strange relation.

Every time his slippers were not in their place during the night, someone would try to rob him the next day. This coincidence could not be considered an accident, plus, Laplace was into detailed science.

He told his colleague-academic about this phenomenon and they decided to run a series of controlled experiments. What happened? Every time Laplace did not find his slippers during the night, robbers attacked him during the day.

History remembers other similar phenomena as well, which made people halt their usual activities. For example, the infamous captain Flint never sailed out to open sea if he could not light his pipe twice in a row.

The distinguished English admiral Benbow never allowed his ships to leave the harbor if he saw a ginger or spotted cat cross his path. Every time he did, despite his willpower, a storm at sea would break out and sink the ships.


According to the experts who study these types of phenomena, we ourselves have to find out what the higher powers are trying to tell us. Insignificant warnings are not distinguished by anything.

For example if you trip numerous times - this is a sign that your leg might suffer soon. If the exact same situation occurs again and again, even if it is harmless, this is an attempt to tell us to stop doing it, in order not to have trouble.

According to materialists, such signs are simply a consequence of life experience. According to scientists, this is intuition, combined with the ability to predict a minimal part of our future.

Scientists believe that all of the people you meet along your road in life carry some type of message for you. No matter how strange it may be, they also bear with them answers to your questions, which you have been trying to puzzle out for a long time.

Unexpected conversations with strangers may reveal remarkable things for you. Therefore, listen close to the words of strangers and try to decode the message that is aimed at you.



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