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Power of the Water Signs

Plamena M.Plamena M.

The water signs in astrology are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Representatives of these signs are highly emotional, plus they have a keen ability to read other people's mood. This gives them the advantage of expressing particular sensitivity in their relations with others.

They know when to show warmth, as well as when to spare it. From a negative standpoint, whenever such a person is an energy vampire, they are perfect at it, as they can manipulate and drain the energy of anyone without a problem.

Being as emotional as they are, representatives of the water signs are also at risk of taking on the "vibrations" of others around them. What's imperative for them is to work harder in order to maintain their personal space and its border lines.

The motto of representatives of the sign of Pisces is "I believe! " They stand out with their secrecy, intuitiveness, timidity and sensitivity. They find themselves under the influence of 2 planets - Neptune and Jupiter. The former is the cause of their anxiety, mysterious inspiration, prophetic dreams, emotionality, while Jupiter gives Pisces intuition, wisdom and piety.


Beneath their apparent calm lie contradictions and insecurity, they often look tired and sad. On the other hand, Pisces are a symbol of human love, reaching the point of self-sacrifice. They don't take on responsibility and frequently ignore their correct intuition. Astute, they love pleasures but always know the limit.


"I desire! " is Scorpio's motto. Falling under the patronage of Mars and Pluto, they stand out with an unusual character, courage, intuitiveness. They are secretly authoritative. A conflict arises between this water sign and its controlling planets. This makes them extremely complex, with a great spiritual energy and vast intelligence. However, they are also highly irritable, mostly toward themselves. They are unpredictable in their decisions and actions.

Cancer - "I feel! " Under the patronage of the Moon, Cancer has a very difficult character, is exceptionally memorable, with a sense of humor. Parallel with this, he is irritable, furtive and highly egocentric. He is perhaps the strangest sign of the zodiac.

This stems from the different phases of his ruling Moon, master of the natural forces. Cancer is nervous and improvident, inconsistent and stubborn. Despite this, they always win the favor of people to shield them. They cherish water and seek any and all sorts of contact with it - it is the source of their power.

The water signs are ruled over by a very powerful element and their strength is comparable to it.